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Everyone who's turned since the Seed was destroyed is a zombie vampire.
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Zompire was a type of vampire who was sired during the end of magic, resulting in a creature with the common powers of a vampire but without sapience. The term, coined by Xander, was a portmanteau of the words "zombie" and "vampire."[5]


After the destruction of the Seed of Wonder, the absence of a source of magic on Earth made so the demon that would possess sired corpses became unable to cross through dimensions to inhabit them. As a result, all vampires sired during the period of the end of magic rose as feral, mindless creatures, coined as zompires due to their similarities with zombies.[5] The term soon spread as its official name, being used among the police,[6] doctor reports,[7] and outside San Francisco.[8][9]

With the destruction caused by zompires against both police and civilians,[1][10] the San Francisco Police Department initiated a Vampire Task Force[11] to contain the growing number of attacks.[12] The police became trained in staking zompires,[2][11] and the task force eventually developed into the pioneering Supernatural Crime Unit.[13] In Santa Rosita, the zompire population appeared to originate from a lone zompire being boarded on an airplane, before proceeding to sire all the passengers,[14] and soon the infection took over town.[15][16][17]

The zompire pandemic was effectively halted by the restoration of magic, when the creation of a new Seed of Wonder meant that those sired by vampires or zompires would rose as a new kind of vampire.[4] The zompire subspecies was rendered irreproducible because of the occurrence of a new vampire type,[16] just like how the emergence of zompires meant that common vampires could not be replicated.[5] After the town was evacuated, the Scooby Gang eliminated the remaining zompires in Santa Rosita, with the help of a group of new vampires.[16]

Appearance and physiology[]


Claire rises as a zompire.

Zompires had pronounced brow ridges like common vampires, but had an entire set of sharpened teeth, whereas only the incisors and canines of the common variety were pointed. Zompires' eyes were also orange/yellow.

Zompires were capable of reproduce siring other humans by instinct.[3] They would often droll[18][5] and, unable to form sentences,[10] emitted only growls.[3]

Powers and abilities[]

They're meaner, faster, stronger, and drool a lot more.

Zompires possessed the same strengths and weaknesses to common vampires to different degrees. It was also observed that they had enhanced strength and speed in comparison to a common vampire.[5][3]

Like common vampires, zompires could be killed by a stake to the heart,[1][10][2][14][8][19][20][16] sunlight,[4][16] holy items (like holy water),[3] beheading,[16][17] or fire.[15] However, they apparently didn't need an invitation to enter a human's residence.[14][21]

Known zompires[]


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