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Statue of Jasmine

The Zealots' dimension was a hell dimension populated by the zealots, the demon worshipers of Jasmine, who reigned as goddess in this dimension before she possessed Cordelia Chase.

One zealot succeeded in leaving his dimension and traveled to the sewers of Los Angeles, where it fought Angel and some of the members of Angel Investigations while attempting to perform a ritual that would draw Jasmine's attention. While he was briefly captured by the creature, Wesley learned that the creature relied heavily on the magic of the name, allowing him to realize that Jasmine had a name in the other world that would have power over her. Although Wesley was able to open the portal to the creature's realm, only Angel could enter that dimension, as the atmosphere on the other side was toxic to humans. As the only non-breathing member, Angel was able to find what they were looking for.

Having entered this dimension, Angel faced the Guardian of the Word and the Keeper of the Name, the creature with its lips sealed to ensure that it would only speak Jasmine's name with its last breath. Angel beheaded it and returning the head with him to Los Angeles, opening its mouth and exposing Jasmine's real face as it "spoke" her real name.

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