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"Zealots" was how Wesley Wyndam-Pryce referred to the species of insectoid demons that worshipped Jasmine before humans.

One member of the species referred to his own kind as the "True Ones" or "The Ones Who Love Truly". They lived in another dimension, the atmosphere of which is toxic to humans, although Angel was able to exist there when he activated a dimensional key to enter that realm. Jasmine manipulated their evolution, producing individuals with unique abilities, such as the psychic Guardian of the Word, but ultimately abandoned them and called them a mistake she intended not to repe

Several of them confronting Angel

at. She considered the Earth a better prospect due to the opportunities offered by long-range broadcasting to extend her influence over a far greater range in a far shorter amount of time. One of these demons, the Keeper of the Name, was the only being to know Jasmine's true name.

They were cannibals and did not make a distinction between human beings and vampires (which they referred to as the "meat which speaks").

They relied on a system of flesh magic that did not require the use of words to work, with their language skills being relatively basic when conversing with others. They apparently lacked any individual names of their own, although it may be that they simply use the names in private rather than sharing them with others.