Yunk’sh was a Vishrak demon who attempted to resurrect himself in Los Angeles in 1999.


Decades after being almost killed in Los Angeles, Yunk’sh was able to manifest again when he formed a pact with Elliot Grundy, a bitter, antisocial computer nerd who was willing to sacrifice others for power. With Elliot acting as a partial ‘power source’, Yunk’sh was able to gain sufficient power to manifest an independent body that he could use to appeal to his victims while Elliot searched for suitable ‘targets’ online. As Yunk’sh claimed more victims, his ability to cast a glamour improved.

His actions eventually came to the attention of Angel Investigations and a cult that ‘worshipped’ his kind based in Los Angeles, with Angel attempting to kill Yunk’sh and the cult planning to bind him as their servant. As part of their plans, the cult was able to acquire Yunk’sh’s ‘remnant corpse’- the body that he had previously possessed before his original death- which could be used to bind him by proxy under specific circumstances. Elliot attempted to flee Yunksh when he realised that Yunk’sh intended to use him as the final sacrifice, but Yunk’sh claimed Elliot’s downstairs neighbour Shirley Blodgett as a substitute sacrifice as they shared the same birth date.

In the final confrontation, Yunk’sh killed most of the cult, with Elliot sacrificing himself to stop the others, while Angel Investigations were able to destroy Yunk’sh using a Vishrak destruction ritual that required his remnant corpse, which the cult had recovered to use in a binding ritual.

Powers & Abilities

As a Vishrak demon, Yunk’sh possessed superhuman strength and resilience. His most impressive ability was a natural glamour that he could control as he wished. When Yunk’sh was killed, he was eventually able to manifest a new body by drawing on energy from a willing partner and completing various murders targeting each of the twelve signs in the zodiac, but while in this state his glamour was fundamentally weaker, such as requiring conscious thought on Yunk’sh’s part to assume a shape that had been described to him or taking a few seconds to adapt to exactly what his potential partner desired.


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