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*"[[False Memories]]" <small>(cameo) (NonCanon)</small>
*"[[Remember the Beginning]]"
*"[[Note from the Underground]]" <small>(cameo) (NonCanon)</small>
*"[[Remember the Lies]]"
*"[[Tales of the Slayers#Tales|Tales]]"
*"[[Remember the Truth]]"
*"[[The Chain]]"
*"[[Remember the End]]"
*"[[Note from the Underground, Part Four]]" <small>(cameo)</small>
*"[[Tales]]" <small>(cameo)</small>
*"[[The Chain]]" <small>(cameo)</small>
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{{DEFAULTSORT:Makimura, Yuki}}

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A long time ago, something bad happened to a Slayer. Something so bad, they erased her from the history books. Poof. Like she never existed.

Yuki Makimura was a Slayer. She is notable as the only known Slayer who was turned into a vampire. Because of this, the Watchers Council omitted her from their records.


Calling and Siring

Yuki Makimura was called as a Slayer in Japan. She was trained by a samurai Watcher. Yuki's Watcher failed in his duty, and, in penance, commits Seppuku. Three months after his death, Yuki went up against the Master, who killed and sired her. While most Slayers welcome death, Yuki didn't want to die. Upon becoming a vampire, Yuki gave her complete loyalty to the Master and served him willingly from Japan. The Watchers Council removed Yuki from their records, but failed to cover up the two missing years in the Slayer timeline.


You can't win against me. We're the same, you and I... only I'm better.
―Yuki to Buffy Summers[src]

In Sunnydale circa 2000, Dawn Summers discovered Yuki's missing time slot in the Slayer records, and Spike told the Scooby Gang of the disgraced Slayer-turned-vampire. Yuki came to Sunnydale with her blind vampire henchmen to resurrect her sire. She planned to take revenge on Spike for killing the Anointed One and to use Xander Harris as a vessel for resurrecting the Master. Dawn stopped the Master's resurrection and Yuki was staked by Dawn's sister and current Slayer, Buffy Summers.

Behind the Scenes

  • As mentioned above, Yuki is the only Slayer in recorded history to become a vampire; while Buffy was briefly turned into a vampire in "Nightmares", this was only a dream.
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