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Yuki Makimura was a Slayer active for two years in Japan until she was sired by the Master.


Calling and siring[]

After two years active as a Slayer, she went up against the vampire known as the Master, who killed and sired her. Yuki would describe that, while most Slayers welcomed death, she didn't want to die.[3]

Upon becoming a vampire, Yuki gave her complete loyalty to the Master and served him from Japan.[2] The Watchers Council removed Yuki from their records, but failed to cover up the two missing years in the Slayer timeline.[4]


In 2001, Dawn Summers discovered a missing time slot in the Slayer records for two centuries before.[1] While Rupert Giles tried to keep it a secret, Spike told the Scooby Gang of the disgraced Slayer-turned-vampire.[4]

Yuki came to Sunnydale with the Eidu, a sect of blind vampires, to resurrect her sire. She planned to take revenge on Spike for killing the Anointed One and to use Alexander Harris as a vessel for resurrecting the Master. Yuki was staked by the Slayer Buffy Summers, so Dawn was able to stop the Master's resurrection.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

  • Yuki originally appeared in the non-canon series Buffy the Vampire Slayer Classic, but was elevated into a canonical character thanks to a cameo appearance in the stories Tales and The Chain. Although, this only included her appearance and existence as a Slayer, while the status of her biography is unknown.



Preceded by:
unknown, presumably Claudine
The Slayer,
ca. 1800
Succeeded by:
unknown, eventually Elizabeth Weston