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Yanna Narvik was the Watcher of the Sophie Carstensen from 1933 until 1940.


In 1929, Narvik was and had just became a Watcher, and went to celebrate with her mentor at the Watchers Council, Edgar Somers. When she thought he would kiss her, she closed her eyes, but opened only to witness him falling dead. He was killed by the vampire Spike, who then briefly kissed her and left.

In 1933, Narvik began training and guiding Sophie Carstensen as a Potential Slayer of nine years old, and continued to do so when she was called as the Slayer in September 1939. She lived with her Slayer in Copenhagen, Denmark, where they had as an ally Tycho, a Quetz demon. Together, they were able to act against the vampire Gorm.

Narvik was also a seer, often having visions of the upcoming dangers. Despite sometimes helpful warnings, this ability slowly deteriorate her sanity, as she would fall deeper into her visions each time, and developed some obsession to Spike, who was hunting Sophia and Potential Slayers around the world. Her Slayer and her own determination would always bring her back from the visions, until she was tortured by Spike and Drusilla, while witnessing Sophie’s death in their hands.

According to reports from operatives working in Copenhagen, Narvik was found wandering the streets after curfew and nearly shot, before it was realized that she was mad. She was placed in a Danish asylum, and would remain there until the Nazis were driven back, or the Council managed to move her to an asylum in London.[1]



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