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Wonderland, Part Three is the third issue of the Willow: Wonderland comic book series. Written by Jeff Parker with Christos Gage and illustrated by Brian Ching, it was originally published on January 2, 2013, by Dark Horse Comics.


Willow has found someone she's been missing since Earth was cut off from other realms. But her ultimate quest to restore Earth's magic is flailing... Her search is pulling her one way, her companion another, and a newly encountered society of witches has a completely different idea for the future of Willow.

  • Anything could happen to this fan-favorite witch!
  • Check out the first chapter of this fan favorite in the Buffyverse Sampler.[1]


Willow is disappointed to discover she is unable to open a portal to Earth. Marrak grabs the from her, telling her that she, as a woman, was doing it wrong. The other witches intervene and exile Marrak from the Wellspring. Later, Aluwyn comforts Willow saying that the pain of her loss would slowly subdue and that, if anyone could find a way back to Earth, it would be the coven they had gathered.

The next day, a witch shows Willow the goddess gem, a large gemstone that offers visions for the future. In her vision, Willow sees Marrak walking through a wasteland, but it ends quickly. The witch explains the gemstone is not always straightforward.

In the wasteland, Marrak is was attacked by the dream birds. He tried to get away at first, but then he has an idea.

Meanwhile, an amphibious witch leads Willow to a body of water. She enchants Willow with gills to allow her to breathe underwater for a limited time. In the river, they swim toward a gargantuan mass of tentacles, from which Willow can hear voices. When she touches it, it shows her more images and speaks to her profound words that allow Willow to understand her place in the universe, which includes her dark side. When it ends, Willow can't remember it.

At night, Willow tells others witches of her experience, and together they celebrate the friendships they found with each other. Aluwyn explains that witches came to the Wellspring for different reasons, but they found each other and stayed together. She offers Willow a place in the group.

The next day, Willow goes to the ocean that lay at the center of this world. She spots adorable flying octopi and runs after them in hopes of catching one. Aluwyn joins her, and they strike a serious conversation. Willow wonders if her quest has more to do with her own sense of being incomplete than her friends actually needing magic back. She also wonders exactly how her dark side fits into the picture. The octopi begin joining together, and they transformed into a giant octopus. It attacks the Willow and Aluwyn, but two witches use magic to scare the collective away.

At night, Willow and Aluwyn camp out on a beach, discuss their victory, make out, and sleep.

Willow dreams of flying through the clouds. A dream bird with Marrak's face appears, having captured one to speak to her. He tells Willow he had found a font of magic in the wasteland. He adds that being in a coven is like being high; Willow is doped up on the magic of being together, and it made her forget why went there in the first place. Marrak accuses the witches of wanting Willow to join and never leave. She says he's a liar and wakes up. She looks a her reflection in the Scythe, repeating that it's a lie.


  • Willow states she is a one-woman woman, but retracts by saying she is when she is not screwing up, referring to her seeing Aluwyn while she was with Kennedy (Anywhere but Here).
  • Willow says she fells part of her old life is disappearing, but that she still remembers Buffy and Xander. This hints the upcoming discovery that the magic that holds Dawn's existence is fading away (The Watcher).
  • Willow wants to name an aero-ceph "Mr. Octopus Fantasticus," a reference to the cat she had named Miss Kitty Fantastico ("The Yoko Factor").
  • Willow wonders if Aluwyn is lying to her. Both have previously stated that Alyuwn would indeed always be lying (Willow: Goddesses and Monsters).



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Death count[]

  • None.

Behind the scenes[]


  • Wonderland, Part Three was the 133th best selling comic issue in its publishing month, with 15,584 sales in December 2012 at comic specialty stores.[2]


Pop culture references[]

  • Willow jokes exclaiming: "Now that's what I call a rock," referencing the compilation album series that often uses the title Now That's What I Call Rock.
  • When Willow's vision is suddenly cut short, she says the series finale of The Sopranos was more satisfying.
  • Willow compares her underwater experience to the submarine ride at Disneyland and references IMAX.
  • The giant octopus made from aero-ceph reminds Willow of Cthulhu.



Cover artwork[]


Willow: "I can see... something. A harsh place. Like the end of the world.  I feel... darkness. An empty space that can never be filled. Is... is this what happens to Earth if I fail? Wait, there's someone there... a man. He's steeped in magic. A teacher... my teacher. Giles? Marrak? He hasn't taught me anything except how to piss off entire dimensions. What could I possibly learn from--
Aluywn: "In all seriousness, Willow, we are here for you. Always. That is what holds us together. Most of us came here searching for answers. Running from something... or to something. Varied goals and winding paths led us to this land. I don't think any of us found what we sought. Instead... we found what we needed. A community that understands us as no other could. A place to belong. As you say, no pressure. As long as you wish it, we will try to help with your quest. But whenever you choose... whenever it feels right... we would love for you to stay, if you would have us."
Willow: "I'll have you know I was thinking about how awesome I am. And how I desperately need a roly-poly little living tub toy. And maybe just a couple of sads. My friends still need me."
Aluwyn: "I think the aero-cephs live over there."
Willow: "At least, I keep telling myself they need me. The truth is... when I think about it now, they seemed to be doing fine. I'm the one who was falling apart. Without magic, I'm back to being part hacker, part hostage, while my superpeeps kick evil's butt. I was so convinced the world needs magic. That life on Earth is fundamentally missing something. But maybe... maybe it was just me."
Willow: "How dare you? Get out of my head, you-- you dream peeper!"
Marrak: "Please. Even enhanced by wishful thinking you haven't got anything I'd suffer through this to see."
Willow: "I am not abusing magic."
Marrak: "You don't have to. There's so much flying around you. You keep each other doped around the clock. A self-sustaining contact high. Remember them? The people you said needed your help? The planet that was supposedly dying? Seems like that's the dream, doesn't it? A dim memory. They used to be so important. But now.. screw 'em. You got what was really important. What you really came for."