"Wolves at the Gate" is the third volume of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight trade paperbacks, collecting issues eleven to twenty of the comic book series.


Vampires that, at will, can transform into wolves, panthers, insects, or fog invade the Slayer base of operations in northern Scotland, and not only walk away unscathed, but in possession of Buffy’s scythe, the symbol of Slayer power worldwide. Buffy and the Slayer legion travel to Tokyo in order to learn more about their dangerous new foes, as Xander journeys to Transylvania to solicit the only person they’ve ever known to possess such power: Dracula.[1]



Behind the Scenes


  • Features cover gallery.


  • "Wolves at the Gate" was the third best selling graphic novel of its publishing month, with 9,253 sales in November 2008 at comic specialty stores.[2] It was also among the 20 best selling of December 2008,[3] and the 300 best selling of May 2009 with 470 sales.[4]


  • This book received a GLAAD Media Award in 2009 as “Outstanding Comic Book”, for honoring its representation of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.[5] Notably, this arc features lesbian Slayer Satsu and her romantic and sexual experience with Buffy Summers.

International Titles

  • French: "Les Loups Sont à Nos Portes" (The Wolves Are at Our Doorstep)
  • German: "Wölfe!" (Wolves!)
  • Italian: "Lupi alle Porte" (Wolves at the Gate)
  • Spanish: "Lobos a las Puertas" (Wolves at the Gate)
  • Turkish: "Kapıdaki Kurtlar" (Wolves at the Gate)


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