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Wo-Pang was a dark mystic, a shaman, and member of the Order of the Kun-Sun-Dai. He was recruited by Wesley Wyndam-Pryce to extract Angel's soul when the group needed to question Angelus about information on the Beast.


Having learned that Angelus had encountered the Beast previously despite Angel's lack of memory of the meeting, Wesley concluded that their best chance of information was questioning Angelus. During the subsequent ritual, Wo-Pang's spell created a hallucination in which Angel experienced perfect happiness, allowing him to lose his soul.

He was later contacted by the group when the Muo-Ping, the jar containing Angel's soul, was stolen, but informed them that he could do nothing to put Angel's soul back without it, and he had no way of finding it on his own. Angel's subsequent re-ensoulment was thus performed by Willow Rosenberg using the original Ritual of Restoration, Willow breaking the jar to release Angel's soul.

Wo-Pang was also skilled in Cleromancy.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • He was portrayed by Roger Yuan.