Winslow was a detective at the Sunnydale Police Department.


In 1997, Winslow visited Rupert Giles at the Sunnydale High School library and informed him about a homicide on campus the previous night. The victim had no identification, but carried a slip of paper with Giles's name and address on it. She had the librarian accompany her to the morgue, where the attendant Kessler showed them the victim's corpse.[1]

Giles recognized him as Philip Henry and described him as a friend in London that he hadn't spoken with in twenty years. Winslow asked him if he could think of any reason why Philip might had wanted to contact him or if he knew what his tattoo was. Giles denied both questions, concealing the fact that he had himself a Mark of Eyghon in his own arm and knew he would soon be sought by Eyghon the Sleepwalker as Philip was.[1]

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