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Willy's Place,[1] previously named Willy's Bar, was a demon bar in Sunnydale owned by Willy. The place served both demons and humans, and it was often used as source of information on demon activity, the owner himself known for being a double dealing snitch.[2]


In 1997, Angel went to Willy's Bar while it was closed, and interrogated Willy on who had sent the Order of Taraka after the Slayer. They were interrupted by Kendra, who fought the vampire and locked him in a cage within the bar.[3]

Willy saved Angel before the sunlight from a window reached him, only to throw him into a hatch in the bar's floor that led into the sewers. He handed Angel to Spike and received the combined money for it. Afterward, Kendra returned with Buffy to rescue Angel. They interrogated Willy on what had happened with the vampire, but he only revealed he had saved Angel from the sunlight.[4]

In 1998, Buffy went with Xander to the bar to seek information on the Harbingers of Death and the First Evil. Willy immediately announced the arrival of the Slayer so his vampire patrons would leave the place. Willy then told Buffy he had heard a few things from the underground, a migration out of Sunnydale from the lower inhabitants that seemed scared of something around there.[2]

In the same year, Willy and the bar were attacked by the Sisterhood of Jhe, causing some destruction and leaving him badly hurt.[5] Willy would say: "After those Apocalypse demons nearly did me in, I had an experience of the spiritual variety," which caused him to update the bar. In 2000, Willy's Bar had its named changed to Willy's Place, and also got a deep fryer: "demons just go crazy for chicken fingers." For this, Willy also attempted to clean his image as a double dealing snitch, asking Buffy to make their talking look like a real interrogation. He also announced the place got new rules, such as no killing.[1]

Although, a paranoid Riley then made a scene because he found Buffy associating in a place full of demons, threatening an unknown patron at gun point.[1] Months later, Riley returned there night after night to drink at the bar while an unidentified bartender was present, when he met the vampire Sandy.[6] Eventually, he came back and accepted Sandy's offer to bite him.[7]

It was presumably destroyed along with the rest of Sunnydale following the battle at the Hellmouth in 2003.[8]


Behind the scenes[]

  • In non-canon sources, the bar was often identified as Willy's Alibi Room in stories taking place before its explicit name change in "Goodbye Iowa." In the television series, its original name Willy's Bar is visible in a sign during episode "Amends."
  • In 1841, a saloon located where would be founded the town of Sunnydale was named Whisky Willy's, with vampires as both patrons and employees ("The Glittering World"). Although, the connection between the two demon bars was never confirmed.