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I treat you vamps good. I don't hassle you. You don't hassle me. We all enjoy the patronage of this establishment. Everybody's happy.

Willy was a bartender, unwilling snitch, and owner of Willy's Place, a Sunnydale business that welcomed demons, vampires, and humans alike, serving as a neutral place for all sorts of beings.[1]


Willy was a double-crossing human, who basically followed instructions or requests as long as money was provided. He sometimes assisted Buffy Summers and other times betrayed her.[2] Many individuals, both good and bad, often beat up Willy for information.[1][3]

Willy first made himself known to the Scooby Gang when he kidnapped a weakened Angel after he was locked in a cage by Kendra.[4] Willy brought the vampire to Spike and Drusilla, who needed Angel's blood to perform a ritual to restore Drusilla's strength. Later, he lured Buffy to Spike's location in the hopes of getting a reward, unaware that the bounty Spike had put on Buffy's head to the Order of Taraka had been called off.[2] Later, after waking up to find Angel gone, Buffy beat Willy up "a couple times" in an attempt to find his whereabouts.[5]

During Christmas 1998, Buffy approached Willy for information on the First Evil and the Harbingers of Death, who were tormenting Angel.[6] Later, the Sisterhood of Jhe attacked Willy and beat him so severely that he required medical attention. When Buffy found him, Willy warned her that the demons were very powerful and advised her to find Angel and spend her potential last day on Earth in happiness.[3] Xander once bragged about beating information out of Willy "personally," but he then admitted that he just bribed him with $28.[7]

After Adam killed a little boy, Buffy approached Willy for information. Her boyfriend Riley then arrived, berating Willy for serving demons before threatening to shoot a human patron.[1]

By the next year, Willy had another bartender in his employ to attend the bar.[8]

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