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== Appearances ==
== Appearances ==
* ''[[The Wish]]''
* "[[The Wish]]"
* ''[[Doppelgängland]]''
* "[[Doppelgängland]]"
==Behind the scenes==
==Behind the scenes==

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Bored now.
―Willow Rosenberg[src]

In the Wishverse, Willow Rosenberg was at some point turned into a vampire. After the apparent deaths of Luke and Darla, she became one of the most powerful and feared members of the Order of Aurelius and, alongside Xander, one of the leading acolytes of The Master.


Vampire Willow was killed by Oz and Larry when the two pushed her into a broken wooden board.

Vampire Willow was momentarilly saved from death in the Wishverse when Anya and the original Willow attempted to perform a temporal fold to retrieve Anyanka's necklace, though Willow's interruption of the spell pulled the vampire Willow instead.

Disappointment with the "mainstream" Sunnydale, Willow finds herself wandering through the streets until she's found by a group of vampire assassins sent by Mayor Wilkins. After subduing their leader, Alphonse, and making them her minions, she proceeds to try to make the world "better", starting with taking over the Bronze, which in her reality, was the headquarters of the order.

Recognizing the vampire Willow, Anya convinced her that she could help her get back to her world but first they needed this world's Willow to perform the spell. Vamp Willow tried to kidnap her human counterpart at the Sunnydale High library but Willow was neutralized with a tranq gun. Switching clothes with her vampire counterpart, the human Willow helped the Scooby Gang retake the Bronze.

Vamp Willow is returned to her world by Anya, Rupert Giles, and Willow, though she's returned to exact moment she was taken. Grabbed by the Wishverse versions of Oz and Larry, she's pushed into a broken wooden board. Her last words, before turning to dust, were, "Oh, fuck."


Willow possessed all the regular powers and weaknesses of a common vampire. She was also a formidable fighter, capable of defeating a pack of vampires by herself.

Personality and traits

Willow was particularly sexual, going as far as attempting to seduce and later rape her human counterpart. She was particularly fond of sexual domination, enjoying torturing Angel, whom she referred as "Puppy".


Behind the scenes

  • In the shooting script for "Doppelgängland", she is labeled as "Vampwill".
  • This version of Willow's bisexual behavior foreshadowed Willow's eventual turn to lesbianism.

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