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Note: This article is about the vampire. For other uses, see Willow.

Bored now.
―Willow Rosenberg[src]

Willow Danielle Rosenberg was a vampire and the alternative timeline counterpart of Willow. A member of the Order of Aurelius, she was one of the leading acolytes of the Master, alongside her lover Xander.[1]



When Cordelia wished to Anya that Buffy had never moved to Sunnydale, the vengeance demon transported her to a reality in which the absence of the Slayer had allowed the town to be dominated by vampires. Willow, accompanied by Xander, encountered Cordelia alone in the streets, oblivious to their identity as vampires. They attempted to bite her, but she was saved by the White Hats at the last minute.[1]

Willow and Xander went to the Bronze, where she fed off a girl. Xander revealed to the Master that Cordelia had mentioned summoning the Slayer, so the Master ordered Xander and Willow to kill her. Willow and Xander trapped Giles at the Sunnydale High School library and drank Cordelia's blood together. Concluding their mission, the Master allowed Willow to play with her "puppy," which meant torturing Angel, the traitor vampire with a soul, while Xander watched them.[1]

Later, while the Master inaugurated his plan to mass produce human blood for vampire consumption, Buffy Summers and the White Hats arrived at the blood plant, beginning a battle.[1] Willow was momentarily saved from death, when Anya and Willow from the main timeline attempted to perform a temporal fold to retrieve the Symbol of Anyanka. Though, a interruption of the spell pulled the vampire Willow into their reality instead.[2]

Dimensional travel[]

In the mainstream Sunnydale, the vampire Willow was bothered to see the humans roaming freely at night. She had an altercation with Percy West in the Bronze, which would make him respect the main Willow. Following this, she exposed her vampire face to Alexander and Buffy, causing them to believe their Willow was then undead.[2]

Disappointed with this reality, Willow found herself wandering through the streets, until she was found by a group of vampire assassins sent by the Mayor Wilkins. She subdued them all and made them her minions through intimidation of the leader Alphonse. With this, she proceeded to try to make the world as it was in her reality. They started by taking over the Bronze, taking the patrons as hostages, where she sired Sandy.[2]

At the club, Anya recognized the vampire Willow and convinced her that she could help her get back to her world, but first they needed this world's Willow to perform the spell. The vampire tried to kidnap her human counterpart at the school library, but was subdued with a tranquilizer gun. Switching clothes with her vampire counterpart, the human Willow helped the Scooby Gang retake the Bronze.[2]

Death and legacy[]

The vampire Willow was returned to her world by Anya, Giles, and Willow, though she was returned to the exact moment she was taken. Grabbed by the Wishverse versions of Oz and Larry, she was pushed into a broken wooden board. She started to say "Oh, fu–," then turned to dust.[2]

Willow had observed that her vampire version was "kinda gay."[2] At the time, she was not aware of her own sexuality, and Willow would come out as a lesbian years later.[3]

When Willow became corrupted with dark magic, she used the vampire's catchphrase, "Bored now," before killing Warren.[4]

Powers and abilities[]

Vampire Willow possessed all the regular powers and weaknesses of a common vampire. She was also a formidable fighter, capable of defeating a pack of vampires by herself.[2]


  • Willow Rosenberg — Vampire Willow expressed an attraction for her human self from the main universe. Willow found this somewhat disturbing, asking, "Would that mean we have to snuggle?" However, in a fight with her, she stated she would rather snuggle than fight. Willow had also stopped Buffy from staking her alter ego, taking pity on her. So instead, they decided to send Vampire Willow to her own world only to get staked once there.[2]


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