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Willow Danielle Rosenberg was a powerful sorceress and the de facto head of the Watchers Council war against the Vampire King Rupert Giles' operation.

History[edit | edit source]

Losing Buffy[edit | edit source]

During the conflict with Camazotz and his Kakchiquels, Buffy became possessed by the spirit of Zotzilaha and eventually captured by the demon-god. Giles, then a vampire himself, had Buffy captured instead of killed and set out to unite the vampires to take over the world. During the battle in which Buffy was lost, Willow utilized elemental magic for the first time to great effect.

Willow and the remaining members of the Scooby Gang fought against Giles' rise to power, but he eventually conquered Sunnydale. Willow's parents were amongst those turned, forcing Oz to dust them both to save Willow's life. Afterwards, while the two remained together, their relationship was never the same again, though Oz remained in the fight for Willow's sake. Giles eventually sent Spike to kill the gang and Joyce Summers. He succeeded in killing Joyce and Anya and left Xander with a permanent scar on his face. The threat from Spike caused Oz to gain control of his werewolf abilities in time to drive off Spike and save everyone else's lives.[citation needed]

War with Giles[edit | edit source]

As things turned into an all-out war, the surviving Scoobies called in the Watchers Council for help who set up a massive operation in California to combat Giles' increasing power. Over the next five years, Willow became a powerful sorceress with mastery over elemental magic, and eventually became the de facto head of the Council's operation, with even its original leader hardly pretending to be charge anymore. However, despite their best efforts, Giles' power continued to expand, with Giles taking Sunnydale and El Surete, coming close to taking control of Los Angeles. According to Oz, Willow stayed in the war for the sake of Buffy, despite her best friend being missing.[citation needed]

Return of Buffy[edit | edit source]

Five years after the war began, Buffy escaped and contacted the Watchers Council, who dispatched an extraction team to rescue Buffy from behind enemy lines. Willow volunteered to lead the team and helped to save Buffy from Spike and the Kakchiquels clutches. In the aftermath, Willow filled Buffy in on the events of the night Buffy was captured and was shocked to learn that Buffy didn't know the truth, as she still thought Camazotz was in charge. Willow was forced to admit to her best friend that Giles was the Vampire King she had been hearing about.

Subsequently, Willow closed herself off emotionally somewhat to Buffy, as she didn't want to get hurt again. Having learned of Joyce's death from a dream, Buffy demanded answers from Willow and the Council, quickly deducing that Willow was really the one in charge. The meeting was interrupted by the arrival and capture of Spike. In the aftermath, Wesley and Anna Kuei spoke with Willow about Buffy's return and the perceived threat to Willow's leadership of the operation. Willow, aware that they were running out of time before the US military acted, expressed her fears to the two, as well as her confidence that Buffy was the one person who could stop Giles before things went too far. Willow joined Xander and Buffy in interrogating Spike and noticed the conflict inside of Buffy. Following Spike's death and Giles' visit, Buffy informed Willow of her 19-year old soul being trapped inside of her 24-year old body, so Willow promised to help find a solution and the two best friends reconciled.

Willow joined Buffy's team during the assault on Sunnydale, using some of her magic as a distraction at a roadblock. Along with Buffy, Xander, and Oz, she split off from the main assault force to search for Giles, only to find Camazotz imprisoned in the basement as a living battery. Willow's attempt to kill one of the Kakchiquels inadvertently freed the demon-god, who proved to be unstoppable even in his weakened state. However, Willow had learned of Camazotz's weakness to gold in the five years since the Scooby Gang had first encountered him. Willow used an alchemy spell to turn a crossbow bolt to gold and killed Camazotz with Xander's crossbow, ending the extra power held by the Kakchiquels. As the search continued, Oz sensed the long-missing Angel and Willow was able to bypass the magic blocking entrance to his prison, but couldn't save Angel from the grisly trap Giles had him in. As the gang faced off against Giles, they received word that the rest of the operatives needed their help, so Buffy sent her friends to help as she fought Giles alone.

Arriving in the courtroom where most of the battle was taking place, Willow, Xander, and Oz found most of the operatives dead and too many vampires left. After Wesley was killed, Xander ordered Willow to save the rest before sacrificing himself to save Anna. Overwhelmed by the losses she had already suffered, Willow called upon the lords of chaos to give her the power she needed to shatter the courtroom windows and burn the tapestries covering them, using the daylight to kill the remaining vampires. Willow and Oz returned to Angel's prison, where Buffy had just staked Giles after losing Angel for good. Realizing that Xander was gone too, the two women comforted each other over their losses.[citation needed]

Changing the past[edit | edit source]

Following the victory, Willow began working on a way to send Buffy's 19-year old soul back in time, far enough to change the past and erase the current timeline. Willow attended Xander's funeral with Buffy and Oz, mourning the loss of her oldest friend, who, at the end of his life, showed signs of his old self for the first time since Anya's death. By that point, Willow had started to figure out how to fix things.

Three days after the funeral and nearly a week since the battle, Willow called Buffy to a meeting, when she revealed everything that she had put together about the events that had led them to that point, helped by Giles' own research into Camazotz following his siring. Willow was able to figure out a way to send Buffy back further than when her soul was forced out of her body, so the two discussed the mistake Buffy had made that led to that future. Buffy realized it wasn't running away the night Giles was captured, but instead relying on only herself and not her friends. Deciding to keep their plan to themselves, the two women performed a spell that Willow had modified to use the Slayer line to send Buffy back in time far enough to change things.[citation needed]

Legacy[edit | edit source]

Though Willow succeeded in sending Buffy back in time, she was unable to enter her past self's body and prevent her mistake. However, her travel drew the attention of Lucy Hanover, who helped Buffy alert her friends to her need for their help and get back into her body, allowing Buffy to save Giles and change the past.

Using the knowledge this Willow had given her, Buffy informed the Willow of her time of the alchemy spell the future Willow had used to create a weapon to kill Camazotz. Less powerful and sure of her abilities, the past Willow was unable to perform the spell even after locating it, until Buffy informed her of the secret the future Willow had revealed to her: alchemy wouldn't work if it was being used for personal gain. Willow ultimately was able to create a golden stake, which Buffy used to kill Camaztoz and prevent the future that she had witnessed from coming to pass.[1]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Five years on from the Willow Buffy knew, she was much more confident in her abilities as a sorceress. Retaining many of the same personality traits as Buffy's best friend, Willow had become an accomplished leader to the point that she was in effect the de facto head of the Watchers Council operation in California, something that Buffy noticed right away. However, Willow seemed uncomfortable with her power over the operation and openly admitted to be willing to give up control to Buffy if it meant they would win. Though hesitant at first with Buffy given how much time they had been apart and how much they had changed, Willow expressed confidence in her best friend's abilities and mental state, noting that the Buffy she knew was the one person who could stop Giles before things went too far.

Oz dusting her parents after they were turned drove a wedge into his and Willow's relationship, though they remained a couple. Despite this, they continued to love each other and Oz remained in the fight for Willow's sake, even tapping into his wolf abilities on command for her. After the war, the two appeared to be continuing their relationship and comforting each other in the wake of their losses.[citation needed]

Powers and abilities[edit | edit source]

By the time Buffy encountered Willow, she had become a powerful sorceress with a mastery over elemental magic, often utilizing fire and ice against her opponents. Willow was capable of effortlessly performing alchemy, a branch of magic often not used successfully due to the involvement of personal gain.[citation needed]

Appearances[edit | edit source]

The Lost Slayer

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