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Willow Danielle Rosenberg was a Sunnydale High School student, witch, and member of the Scooby Gang.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Scooby Gang[edit | edit source]

Willow grew up in Sunnydale, and had Alexander Harris as her best friend since childhood. By 2019, she had been open about her identity as a lesbian,[1] and was in a relationship with Rose Martinez, another student at Sunnydale High.[2]

One night, after eating at Tunaverse with Xander, they were attacked by a vampire, but fellow classmate Buffy Summers dusted him. Grateful for having saved their lives, Willow invited her to hang out, when they talked about the reality of the supernatural and Buffy's identity as the Slayer.[1]

Buffy's Watcher and school librarian Rupert Giles soon requested Willow's help to bring him a magic charm to return the Camazotz in his dormant state. As she and Xander arrived at the scene, the two were able to assist Buffy in her fight against the vampires Drusilla and Spike.[3] Since then, the four of them formed a vampire hunting team dubbed the Scooby Gang, training and patrolling together, but maintaining this a secret even from Rose.[4]

Half soul[edit | edit source]

In the morning after going to the movies with a group of friends, Willow was called again by Giles, who requested her to go with Buffy to his home. There, he gave them the news that Xander had been lured into a trap by Drusilla and Spike, and was turning into a vampire. The only way to suppress his demon would be with the artifact Anima Colligationem,[5] that Buffy and Willow went after in the same day.[6]

A translated map brought them deep into a forest to the Siphon, who demanded a sacrifice from Willow in exchange for the soul stone: half of her own. She promptly accepted, while Buffy uselessly offered hers instead, and soon she coughed the soul tie.[6] This allowed Xander to become "half human" and resume his daily routine, but the event was not without consequences, as Willow had difficulty dealing with the trauma of her own. While a lock of her red hair grew dark, Willow had nightmares of her own dark side talking to her about being the part she sacrificed, ending with herself killing it. She kept this a secret from Giles, but she had the support from Xander, who was nonetheless grateful for his second chance.[7]

While Drusilla activated Sunnydale's hellmouth, Willow had skipped the Halloween school dance to stay home, where she floated above a pentagram and candles with objects flying around her.[8] She had been studying witchcraft in secret, and the apocalyptic event made Willow grow indifferent to the mundane world. Her behavior changed as well, as she rebelled against the pressure to continue being her past self, acting distant and even rude to those around her. Rose confronted her about her actions and mentioned having heard about her secret involvement with weird things, in reference to the fight with the Camazotz. When Rose asked what she did feel then, Willow decided she needed some space.[9]

As the Hellmother's power over the men of Sunnydale grew, the army attempted to break into the Tunaverse, where Rose and Cordelia became stuck. Anyanka guided Willow, Xander, and Kendra inside the restaurant, so a battle to contain the oncoming men began. Although, only Willow's magic powers would be able to stop them. While she was being consumed by her own power, Anya explained that it was due the soul tie leaving her struggling between two worlds. Only Xander could reverse it, so he sacrificed his soul back to her. The army of men fell, so Willow and the remaining Scoobies flew off on the Camazotz away from the Tunaverse, but Xander was not among them.[10]

The Camazotz flew Willow, Rose, Cordelia, Kendra, and Anya into the hellmouth, where Buffy was facing the Hellmother and an army of demons. While a battle ensued, Willow worked her magick powers into exorcising the Hellmother from Angel. As she was successful, the Hellmother attempted to attack Willow, Buffy went to protect her friend, and finally defeated the creature.[11]

Finding herself[edit | edit source]

Grieving for Xander's absence, Willow decided to accept a study abroad program that would take a few months. She told Buffy she loved her but needed to do this on her own to look after herself.[11] She went to England, where she expected to meet "some cool British witches," but she became disappointed when they were disinterested in what she had to contribute when they talked about the Hellmouth.[12]

Willow soon returned to Sunnydale, but decided on not telling anyone; instead, she emptied her bank account to buy a bus ticket to any town she could. After losing her bus in a gas station stop, Willow found the strange town of Abhainn.[12] After months retracted in England, Willow felt strangely belonging and welcomed in Abhainn, in special by the older woman Aelara, and discovered that the place was only composed of witches like her.[13]

Personality and traits[edit | edit source]

Willow was a gentle, intelligent, and caring person. Albeit with some insecurities, she displayed notable confidence. She was openly lesbian and showed an interest in witchcraft as soon as she learned about the existence of the supernatural.[1]

After giving up half of her soul to save Xander, Willow fell into a state of depression and existential crisis. No longer feeling joy in her usual activity, she worried if she could ever feel again. This culminated in a strange dream where she faced what she perceived was a darker version of herself, eventually killing this manifestation of herself in a violent manner.[7] While she began to grow happier, it was clear something dark had awakened in her.

While beginning to grow bored of her normal world, Willow immersed herself in witchcraft and pushed away interaction with her companions.[7] This resulted in her taking a break in her relationship with Rose. While being showing more selfish traits,[9] she was still a loyal friend who would put her life on the line for those she loved. This was proven when she put her fears aside and used her magic to fight against the Hellmother's hive.[14]

Powers and abilities[edit | edit source]

In the night she discovered the supernatural, Willow soon asked about the existence of witches.[1] When she offered half of her soul to Xander, the Siphon noted that Willow had "a good spirit... and a soul big enough for two," that she was "capable of many things," but such a rift in her could cause "great darkness."[6]

The event indeed left marks on Willow beyond a black hair lock; she grew unquiet with cryptic dreams,[7] began studying witchcraft in secrecy,[9] and was affected by the activation of the hellmouth during a spell.[8] According to Anyanka, the soul tie left both Xander and Willow between two worlds and, just like the half-vampire, Willow struggled with another part of herself. She displayed great power when she successfully protected her friends from an entire army of men controlled by the Hellmother, floating and shooting them with magicks. As such power cost of her own well-being, her anguish ended when Xander returned her soul.[14] Willow later proved her talent in witchcraft when she was able to purge the Hellmother from Angel.[11]

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