Willow Rosenberg owned a center destined to fostering women’s empowerment, as well as developing their connection to the natural world.


Willow had began Wicca meeting groups to guide novice witches in rediscovering their place in the natural and supernatural worlds, covering spell casting in a lesses degree.[1] This was interrupted by the state of violence against the supernatural during the Supernatural Crisis Act,[2] and her own imprisonment in a Safe Zone, where she attempted to continue instructing and protecting fellow Wiccans.[3] After the resolution and dissolution of the Act, Willow and her students resumed the covens, in despite and in resistance to the prejudice they suffered for this.[4]

An year later, Willow had a space destined to foster women, and work with them as an extension to her previous support meetings. She described that a number of Slayers have joined it, a helpful addition considering the threats the center received. Still, Willow’s main worry wasn’t the trolls, but the possibility that the United States Government would see the center as a threat, similar to what happened with the late Slayer Organization. Her ally in the military, Riley Finn, had assured he would not let that happen, and Willow would not let other people’s prejudices stop her from doing what was right anymore.[5]

Even so, it was discovered that Wolfram & Hart was coordinating an attack against Willow’s empowerment center and its Slayers. These attackers included both demons and humans, who saw the increasing power and influence of this movement as a threat. They were guided by the time traveling vampire Harth Fray, who desired to bring upon the Reckoning and rob the Slayer power for himself. The Scooby Gang reunited themselves at the empowerment center, and the battle of the Reckoning happened just outside the building.[6] Despite the many deaths of Slayers in battle, the Scoobies were able to defeat Harth and define the Reckoning.[7]

After seeing the dystopic version of the 23rd century in Haddyn, Willow began to steering the center’s work toward trying to prevents they saw there. Indeed, these actions helped the Slayers forge a much better world and change the future of humanity.[7]



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