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You have a choice. You don't have a good choice, but you have a choice. You're opting for mass murder here, and nothing you say is gonna make that okay.
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William "Billy Ford" Fordham was a student of Hemery High School in Los Angeles and a childhood friend of Buffy Summers. By 1997, he had developed terminal brain cancer and joined a club of vampire worshipers. To become a vampire himself, Ford sought Buffy in Sunnydale and offered and exchange for the Slayer's life.[1]


Hemery High[]

Buffy had a crush on Ford when she was in fifth grade and he was in sixth. He was familiar with her habit of eating Oreos dunked in apple juice and her appearance in a 9th grade beauty contest and subsequent swimsuit competition. By the time Buffy was expelled from Hemery High, Ford had figured out her identity as the Slayer, without Buffy realizing that he knew.[1]


In late 1997, Ford reentered Buffy's life and apparently enrolled in Sunnydale High School for his senior year due to his father's transfer at work. However, Ford went after Buffy's newest enemy, Spike, to offer handing the Slayer over to him in exchange for being turned into a vampire.[1]

Sunset club

Ford in the Sunset Club.

Ford also became a regular at the Sunset Club, a group of teenage vampire worshipers who largely believed vampires were misunderstood, gentle creatures. Unlike the rest of the vampire worshipers, Ford understood the evil nature of vampires and wanted to become one himself in exchange for immortality, as he had been suffering from terminal brain cancer and believed it would be better to live as a monster than to die young and sick.[1]

Ford devised a plan to trap Buffy in the club building, leaving her vulnerable to Spike and his minions. He also gathered the other members of the Sunset Club at the event by making them believe that they would be turned as well, but they were merely fodder.[1]

When Ford put his plan into motion, Buffy, simultaneously angry at his willingness to sacrifice innocent people and moved by his plight, attempted to convince him that vampires were nothing but demons inhabiting corpses rather than the original people, but Ford did not care. When Buffy tried to warn the others, Ford attacked her, but she quickly overpowered him and knocked him unconscious. Buffy rescued the Sunset Club from Spike and his minions, and escaping them, she locked Ford in the building with the vampires. Ford then demanded that Spike turn him as he had fulfilled his end of the deal.[1]


Vampire Ford

Ford as a vampire.

Returning later to the Club, Buffy took Ford's lifeless body and had it buried. As she and Giles kept a vigil at his grave, Ford rose as a vampire, and Buffy quickly staked him. Afterward, she asked Giles if life would get any easier.[1]

Behind the scenes[]