Doctor Wilkinson (first name unknown) was one of the many members of the Sunnydale Hospital staff.


Dr. Wilkinson treated Buffy Summers in 1998 when she caught the fever. She had disputes with fellow doctor Stanley Backer whose methods were brought up to the Medical Board of California by Wilkinson herself. She disapproved of him giving sick children at the hospital large doses of the virus they suffered from despite his gained consent of the parents. She later confronted a self-inflicted, sick Buffy moving around of the hospital who pushed her off when she tried to dispatch her. Wilkinson then alerted security to get Buffy; however, because she was accompanied by Willow Rosenberg, the guards didn't know who to take, so Willow pretended to hallucinate about being attacked by frogs to distract the guards which worked until Wilkinson caught up and told them who the patient was.

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She was portrayed by Juanita Jennings.

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