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Wilderness, Part Two is the second issue of the Willow & Tara: Wilderness comic book miniseries. It was written by Amber Benson with Christopher Golden and illustrated by Ajit Jothikaumar with Klebs. It was originally published on September 11, 2002, by Dark Horse Comics.


Don't go into the woods. An evil lurks in the shadows of the forest; it whispers through the trees, hides behind rocks and under dead leaves. Any creature, great or small, with tooth or horn or claw can kill, and will, when Greenjack comes to call. Willow, Tara, and Dawn stumble upon a patch of cursed earth and into an enchanted forest. Can they make it out before Greenjack catches them?[1]


Willow, Tara, and Dawn are attacked in the forest by Jack the greenjack, who accuses them to be intruding on his forest. Through his magic, he uses nature against the two witches. Willow and Tara flee onto the Altar of the Green, where Jack can't use the wood of the trees there against them.

Meanwhile, Dawn urges the wood sprites not to fall for Jack's tricks. She interrupts the fight, and the wood sprites come to her aid, but Jack is stronger than them, and he uses magic to enlarge himself to the size of a pine tree. He then disappears, but Willow and Tara figure he went to attack others. They congratulate Dawn for her bravery, and the three start running.

At the logging company, three loggers talk about the death of the forest ranger when suddenly the greenjack and his army of boggarts attack the site. Willow and Tara arrive and try to reason with Jack, but he does not listen and instead attacks them. At that moment, Dawn arrive with the wood sprites, who begin fighting with the boggarts while Dawn helps the loggers to safety.

Meanwhile, Willow and Tara use magic to fight of boggarts and capture Jack in a block of ice. The greenjack escapes and attacks Tara, her injury prompting Willow to attack full force. Willow seemingly kills Jack, much to Tara's dismay, but he has survived and lashes out once again. This time, both Willow and Tara attack him with the "silva victus perustum" spell, which completely destroys the greenjack. Willow uses another spell to make the loggers forget what they saw.

Although Willow and Tara can not stop the logging, they put a spell on the heart of the forest; it will bar humans from entering it and from seeing the creatures that live there. Only the king of the forest, Jack, can invite humans back in, but it will be a long while before he can manifest himself again.



Organizations and titles[]



  • Altar of the Green
  • Anson house
  • Sunnydale (Only mentioned)

Rituals and spells[]

  • "Descende"
  • "Silva victus perustum"

Death count[]

  • None.

Behind the scenes[]



  • Wilderness, Part Two was the 131st best selling comic issue in its publishing month, with 15,209 sales in September 2002 at comic specialty stores.[2]


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Cover artwork[]


Willow: "We admit it, okay? Humans are stupid and vicious, we want to help. We can help. Just don't make us choose between helping you and saving human lives."