White room

Charles Gunn inside the White Room

The White Room was an interdimensional space used by Wolfram & Hart, which served as a channel to the Senior Partners. It was the most direct line to them, but it did require speaking through an intermediary known as the Conduit to the Senior Partners.


Not everybody at Wolfram & Hart was aware of the White Room's existence, much less how to reach it. By pushing a certain combination of buttons at the firm's elevators, an invisible button was revealed. Moments after this button was pressed, the elevator doors would open and a blinding light transported the occupants to the White Room.


Firm's elevator's invisible button is revealed

When it was first visited by Angel, the room was occupied by a small girl named Mesektet, the most malevolent member of the Ra-Tet, a family of mystic beings.[1]

When the employees of Angel Investigations were offered positions at Wolfram & Hart, Charles Gunn was taken to the White Room as part of his personalized tour where he was appointed as the individual to serve as liaison between the Conduit and Team Angel. To his surprise, he was greeted by a black leopard, and later a mirror image of himself, to which it was explained that the Conduit's form is determined by the viewer.[2]

Behind the Scenes

  • In episode "Forgiving", it's clearly visible that, in order to reach the White Room, one must indicate to travel up and, once inside the elevator, use the combination 18-23-20-28-27, followed by pulling the emergency stop knob.


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