The whirlwind, Angelus!

Whirlwind was a familial group of formed by the four vampires Darla, Angelus, Drusilla, and Spike.

The group originally consisted of Angelus and his sire Darla, two vampire lovers who had caused mayhem throughout Europe beginning in the mid 1700s. In 1860, Drusilla joined them after being sired by Angelus. In 1880, Spike joined the three after being sired by Drusilla and the foursome was complete.[1] In 1900, the group disbanded after Angelus gained his soul.[2]

In early 1998, the group (sans the deceased Darla) briefly reconvened in Sunnydale when Angel lost his soul,[3] only to disband once more with the assistance of Buffy Summers and the Scooby Gang.[4]

All four members were part of the Master's bloodline, descended from the Old One Archaeus,[5] and were all ensouled at least once at different points and intervals of time.


  • 1753: Darla seduced and sired drunken lowlife Liam, who went on to become Angelus, the most famously sadistic vampire in history, in Galway, Ireland.[6]
  • 1860: In London, Darla discovered the saintly and chaste human Drusilla, and subsequently presented her to her lover. Angelus developed a cruel obsession with her, and made it his mission to torture her to insanity before siring her as his "masterpiece."[2]
  • 1880: Desiring a companion of her own, Drusilla sired lovelorn poet William, who became the fourth and final member of the Whirlwind.[1] William quickly grew attached to Drusilla, and while he saw Angelus as a mentor at first, a deep-rooted rivalry was eventually sparked between them.[7]
  • 1890: The group attended the ballet Giselle, in St Petersburg, Russia.[6]
  • 1894: The four traveled to Rome, where they encountered the Immortal. The Immortal chained Angelus and Spike while he simultaneously bedded Darla and Drusilla. Spike and Angel developed a long-lasting hatred for the Immortal.[8]
  • 1898: Angelus’ soul was restored by members of the Clan Kalderash, whom Spike, Drusilla and Darla subsequently slaughtered.[6]
  • 1900: In an attempt to rediscover his purpose, Angelus rejoined Darla, Drusilla, and Spike in China. Spike, who had become obsessed with Slayers, sought out and murdered Slayer Xin Rong.[1] However, the Whirlwind was disbanded when Angelus, unable to commit acts of evil, rejected Darla and fled. Darla eventually returned to the Master and the Order of Aurelius, while Spike and Drusilla departed the group together.[2]
  • 1977: Spike fought and killed Slayer Nikki Wood in a New York subway, taking her coat as a trophy.[9]
  • 1997: To protect Buffy Summers, Angel dusted his sire Darla.[10]
  • 1998: Spike and Drusilla arrived in Sunnydale and reacquainted with Angel,[11][12][12] who eventually lost his soul again.[3] The three terrorized Sunnydale, until Spike conspired with Buffy Summers to betray his grandsire when he and Drusilla threatened to suck the world into hell. After having been re-cursed by Willow Rosenberg, Angel was sent to a hell dimension to save the world from Acathla, while Spike left town with Drusilla.[4] He was later returned by an unknown power.[13][13]
  • 2000–2001: Darla, having been resurrected as a dying human, was resired by Drusilla and the two went on a brief rampage in L.A. before Angel immolated them.[14][15] A weakened Drusilla returned to Sunnydale to reunite with Spike, who was living there, now unable to harm humans due to a chip in his head.  She hoped to reunite the group and restart "The Whirlwind" but this failed.[16]
  • 2002: Pregnant with Connor, Darla returned to Los Angeles, where she sacrificed herself to save her son, placing him in the care of Angel Investigations.[17]
  • 2005: Spike and Drusilla met again in Las Vegas, where Drusilla was briefly ensouled by Willow Rosenberg. Spike had Willow extract the soul again because its presence only overwhelmed her with guilt that her unstable mind proved incapable of coping with.[21]
  • Late 2000: Drusilla digs up a demonic entity that restores her sanity, causing her to want to do good by removing the trauma of others. Angel and Drusilla reunite and he fights against the Lorophage demon. The event ends with Drusilla becoming insane again and fleeing.[22] She later ambushing a group of patrolling Slayers and kills her second Slayer: Marianne.[23]
  • Late 2000: Angel recruits Spike to help him take down Eyghon in London,[24] as he believes that vampires with souls would be resistant to his possession. Although, with Eyghon in their reality, not his, he is able to possess Spike anyway. Angel was able to defeat the demon, but not without consequences,[25] and Spike stayed until he successfully brought him back from his catatonic state.[26]
  • Late 2000: Angel and Spike are affected by the source of their bloodline, Archaeus.[27] Drusilla still remains at large in London and planned on creating an army for the Old One,[28] with the intention of forcing her family — the Whirlwind — to be reunited once again. Archaeus was defeated by Angel’s associated, and Drusilla ran away.[29]


They were perhaps the most brutal and dangerous group of vampires in recorded history, as each vampire individual was extremely dangerous in their own right along with a reputation. Angelus being the most evil and sadistic vampire in recorded history,[10] Spike as the most violent and destructive with a reputation second only to Angelus himself,[30] Darla as the most seductive and cunning, and Drusilla as the insane, unpredictable psychic. The group existed for no other purpose than to commit any acts of destruction and bloodshed that they could devise, and they cut a bloody swath across Europe and Asia, between them they have defeated no less than four Slayers, with Spike and Drusilla each killing two within a century.

In contrast to most other vampires, the Whirlwind had become powerful in ways that spited their human past in the measure they were morally harassed (Darla),[2] disapproved (Angel),[31] oppressed (Drusilla),[6] or ridiculed (Spike)[1] by their respective societies. It was also clear that any member of this family had a distinctive psychology and patterns, similar to serial killers; for example, Spike tortured and killed using railroad spikes, earning his new name.

Angelus and Darla were a couple throughout their time in the Whirlwind, as were Spike and Drusilla, though Angelus and Darla remained in power as the dominant couple and even after Angelus left Darla still held control for her "grandchildren". Intimate liaisons also occurred between Angelus and Drusilla,[7] Angelus and Spike,[32] and Darla and Drusilla.[8] Only Spike and Darla have not been confirmed to have any sexual relationship, though a comment made by Angelus implied that both men had unsuccessfully attempted to have ménage à trois with the two women together.[8]

While Angelus and Darla made a passionately evil pair, neither was capable of true love. In contrast, Spike and Drusilla truly loved each other despite lacking souls.[3] However, Drusilla did sleep with Angelus on at least one occasion and left Spike multiple times leaving him heart broken. Also Darla and Angelus did care for each other to an extent as Darla risked her life to save him from Daniel Holtz.[33]


Each member of the Whirlwind had at times their souls regained and taken. Angelus regained his soul three times; and Darla regained hers while human until she was made a vampire again, also later being under the influence of Connor’s soul while pregnant with him. Spike voluntarily regained his soul after completing the demonic trials, while Drusilla temporarily was re-ensouled due to extraction magic used on Spike’s soul, but the situation was then reversed.

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