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What You Want, Not What You Need, Part Two is the twenty-second issue of the Angel & Faith comic book series. Written by Christos Gage and illustrated by Rebekah Isaacs, it was originally published on May 29, 2013, by Dark Horse Comics.


Giles's resurrection has been pushed to the back burner while Angel and Faith tackle Season 9's Big BadsPearl, Nash, and Whistler — who threaten to release boundless magic over the planet. Only the strong will survive!


As Giles continues to scream, Faith asks Angel what is happening. With the resurrection spell interrupted, Alasdair recovers and orders everyone to focus their thoughts on Giles while he continues chanting. Lavinia and Sophronia think of ten-year-old Giles and express their desire to give their nephew a second chance. Faith thinks of her travels with Giles and asserts she still needs him. Angel recalls Giles' death and asks to be allowed to fix it. The light fades, and Alasdair asks for Giles.

Giles, alive with the appearance of a young teenager, demands they overcome their surprise and focus on the upcoming apocalypse.

Alasdair questions if Lavinia and Sophronia envisioned Giles as a young boy, and Giles accuses them of ruining his life again. Angel is satisfied they managed to resurrect him in a world without magic, confident they will find a way to fix his age. Faith asks Giles if he is still the same man in his head; he gets distracted by her cleavage, but quickly confirms he has the same memories and thought process. Angel asks if he is feeling well after being taken from peace back to life, but Giles complains he had been under the thrall of a demon and then trapped within Angel, feeling both Angel's guilt and delight over his past atrocities.

Alasdair agrees with Giles they should focus their attention on Whistler, Pearl, and Nash for now. Giles scolds Angel for offering to go by himself, and Angel gets the idea of telling Buffy. Giles cuts him and says Buffy can't travel to London in time to help and feels it is too soon for her to know he is alive. Angel then gets everyone to search for ways to deal with the trio of half-demons.

Later, Giles finds Faith crying alone. He apologizes for acting inappropriately, but she says it wasn't his fault. He apologizes for failing her and not coming back as someone she needs. Faith says she needs to stop looking for a father figure and she didn't lose anything because she never had it in the first place. Giles tells her it is something every child deserves, and it is as important to grieve as it is to move on. Faith cries and hugs Giles, telling him it's his shot after spending a whole life helping people figure out theirs.

Giles seeks Alasdair and they talk about the resurrection. Alasdair asks how Giles got this age when his great-aunts envisioned him younger, and Giles guesses he always thought how his life would have been if he entered the Watchers Academy as an older boy and fought against being that age again. Alasdair asks what he will do now that he got his wish.

With Angel, Faith, Giles, Alasdair, Lavinia, and Sophronia reunited, Giles goes over their combat strategy to prevent the enemy from carrying out their plan. Giles then uses an enchanted lodestone on a map to find concentrations of mystic energy. It explodes when it pinpoints Hackney; Whistler, Pearl, and Nash never left London and must be unleashing the plague now. As the group leaves quickly, Nadira follows them. Supervising Pearl and Nash's work, Whistler declares: "One way or another, it all ends here."




Organizations and titles[]





  • Enchanted lodestone

Rituals and spells[]

  • Lazarene incantation

Death count[]

  • None.

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Cover artwork[]


Giles: "Oh… bugger! What have you idiots done?"
Alasdair: "Lavinia, Sophronia… When I told you all to focus on Rupert, you did imagine him as an adult?
Lavinia: "Well… Let's be honest. Gray hair is so unattractive."
Sophronia: "Besides, they're far cuter at this age, aren't they, before the hormones ruin everything?"
Lavinia: "Frankly, I pictured him younger. Ten, perhaps. He appears at least twelve."
Sophronia: "Mm. He'll be getting spots soon. Best to start a skin care regimen now. Try to minimize the damage."
Giles: "You have ruined my life! Again!"
Faith: "In your head… it's you, right? The same G who played Mr. Miyagi to my Daniel-San."
Giles: "I… beg pardon? That is, yes! Yes, of course. I have all the memories, thought processes… I'm the man you knew in every way."
Faith: "Great. Then we're five by five."
Lavinia: "Topman's was having a smashing sale on rock-inspired fashions. Bowie, Jagger… All those blokes from your era, Rupert. With a modern twist, of course."
Sophronia: "Ooh! That. Is. Adorable!"
Giles: "I wasn't resurrected. I'm in hell."
Giles: "I, ah… I do apologize. For any inappropriate… staring on my part."
Faith: "It ain't your fault. You're a twelve-year-old boy."
Giles: "But I'm not! I'm a grown man, damn it all! I wear Savile Row clothes and drink Darjeeling tea and appreciate the nuances of Dostoyevsky in the original Russian! I am not some flighty, hormonal child who believes the world revolves around him and throws tantrums when he doesn't get his way! Um. That would have sounded better if my voice hadn't cracked."
Giles: "Hello, Alasdair."
Alasdair: "Rupert! Did you come alone?"
Giles: "Yes, despite the best efforts of the kindly souls who stopped to enquire if I'd lost my mum."