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What You Want, Not What You Need, Part One is the twenty-first issue of the Angel & Faith comic book series. Written by Christos Gage and illustrated by Rebekah Isaacs, it was originally published on April 24, 2013, by Dark Horse Comics.


The time has come for Angel to make good on his promise to resurrect Giles — but at the same time, Season 9's Big Bads, Pearl and Nash, together with Angel's own mentor, Whistler, gather the final pieces needed to harness the last magical powers on Earth for their own apocalyptic plan.

Final arc begins!

  • Executive produced by Joss Whedon!
  • Angel's moment of truth!
  • Showdown with this season’s Big Bads!
  • Distrust and accusations among the heroes![1]


Angel, Faith, Spike, and Alasdair surround Giles' dead body, preparing for his resurrection. Angel has retrieved a spell called the Lazarene incantation, and they will pull it off with the help of Alasdair's magical artifact collection that would harness the ambient mystic energy necessary for the task.

The ritual prep is interrupted when Faith receives a phone call from Buffy. After they hang up, Angel asks Faith if Buffy is coming to help them against Pearl and Nash, but Faith says Buffy is busy with a sick girl Faith does not recollect, Dawn. Spike is shocked at Faith acting like she doesn't know her, and Angel is confused at Spike's insistence that Buffy has a sister. Spike realizes something is wrong and leaves.

Alasdair tells Angel and Faith he believes the resurrection is too risky of possible failure, and he shields his magical artifacts from being destroyed for a selfish goal. Angel threatens him and points out how strange it is for his collection to be in his possession after Whistler, Pearl, and Nash have been stealing magical artifacts, accusing Alastair of working with them so he can have his magic back when the end of magic is over. However, Alasdair demonstrates he has been using a maskstone to hide his magical items from Whistler.

Faith argues with Angel that she will not rob an old man and they should accept Giles is in hell. Eventually, Alasdair's resolve falters, and he agrees to let them use his artifacts; he too wishes to reunite with his friend. Angel and Faith enlist the aid of Lavinia and Sophronia to help them finish the prepping. However, Whistler and his allies suddenly appear, having sensed the uncloaking of Alasdair's collection. Faith and Angel fight Pearl and Nash; after some fairly severe wounds from both sides, the three half-demons retreat, just managing to get the necessary items.

The resurrection spell takes effect as Giles' body is struck with magical energy. As Giles screams in pain, Faith asks Angel: "What did we do?"




Organizations and titles[]





Rituals and spells[]

  • Lazarene incantation

Death count[]

  • None.

Behind the scenes[]


Pop culture references[]

  • Alasdair quotes, "What do you call it when assassins accuse the assassin? A lie," from the film Apocalypse Now (1979).
  • Faith calls Nash "Bowie" referring to the singer David Bowie.



Cover artwork[]


Angel: "Spells don't work because the Seed was destroyed. Other dimensions closed off. No more ambient mystic energy. We just need a new source. And Whistler showed me how to get it."
Faith: "Crazy Whistler? Mr. I'm-Gonna-Kill-Two-Billion-People-to-Bring-Magic-Back Whistler? Not exactly loving your sources of inspiration here, Angel."
Angel: "Whistler, Pearl, and Nash have been hoarding magic items. They plan to tap them for their power. I'm going to do the same thing. On a much smaller scale."
Faith: "Oh, perfect. A mini-apocalypse. That's okay then."
Faith: "That was Buffy."
Angel: "Okay… Can she—"
Faith: "No go. They've got their own crisis over there. Some girl named Dawn's sick. B sounded pretty upset."
Spike: "Dawn? Sick how?"
Faith: "I'm not sure… Got the feeling magic was involved."
Spike: "Do they need help?"
Faith: "That's why she called, but I told her we were up to our necks in it. I feel bad, but we don't even know this chick."
Spike: "I realize you weren't close, but bloody hell, you fought the First together. Dawn Summers. Buffy's sister."
Angel: "What are you talking about? Buffy's an only child."
Spike: "Right. I can see there's no point explaining. I'm off."