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What You Want, Not What You Need, Part Five is the final issue of the Angel & Faith comic book series. Written by Christos Gage and illustrated by Rebekah Isaacs, it was originally published on August 28, 2013, by Dark Horse Comics.


Millions of lives hang in the balance, and Angel and Faith just might be on the losing end of this battle. It's times like these that call for drastic measures... How far will they go to save the world?

Lives are lost, heroes are born, and as one chapter ends, another begins.[1]


Angel and Whistler face off. Angel manages to take the plague ball and attack Whistler with it, puncturing it with Whistler's horn to release the pressure and stop the explosion. Whistler prevents it by "plugging up the hole," which causes him to revert to his human appearance. Angel takes the opportunity and once again tries to reason with Whistler and make him realize the damage he had caused in his obsession for balance.

Faith goes to a weakened Nadira and tells her she avenged her sisters. Nadira faintly replies that Faith was right; none of the hate was worth it in the end. Whistler asks what he has done. Angel says he can dissolve the magic, but Whistler explains the orb will blow anyway. Giles suggests Whistler makes its mystic shell thicker, but Whistler says it would take all his magic. He throws Angel and Giles away from him and wraps himself around the plague ball. Whistler says he has only shown to be selfish in this big moment, but he found a way to keep balance.

The magic explodes, only affecting Whistler. Angel goes to his charred body, and Whistler thanks him for saving him from himself by teaching him to stop serving the balance and just do what is right. He gives Angel the final advice of finding balance in himself before balancing the world. A moment after Whistler dies, Angel gathers Faith, Giles, and Alasdair to help the people in need.

Hours later, Angel guides a group of doctors in a medical tent on how to remove the snakes from a woman. Alasdair tells Angel that Pearl is nowhere to be found, having disappeared with Nash's death. He then questions who will be the balance demon of the universe now, pointedly handing him Whistler's hat. Angel gives the hat back to Alasdair and states they will have to do it for themselves.

Outside, Sophronia and Lavinia give an interview about being selfless heroes who saved countless lives. Angel finds Faith and Giles at Nadira's bedside in another tent, arguing who will get ownership of Giles' flat. They say Nadira should be dead, but she's changing into something only time will tell. Once Giles leaves, Faith informs Angel she is leaving London, explaining she needs to concentrate on her own life or she might end up like Nadira. She mentions Kennedy's organization Deepscan and that she may join it. Angel understands, telling Faith that they'll keep in touch and that he'll always be there.

Faith goes to Giles and he asks if he can come with her. Faith is initially touched until he explains he wants a ride to Buffy's because he feels he was at his best with her. She reluctantly agrees and storms out. Angel returns to Giles and says he hopes Giles will tell him when it is the right time to see Buffy again, if ever. Giles promises he will.

Giles asks what Angel intends to do now that the crisis is past. Angel says he can't make up for his past mistakes, but, after fixing one of them, he can now accept it. He heard the place is already being called Magic Town, where some people are in pain, some have powers they don't understand, and others will want to exploit them. He has decided to stay and help them; everyone is helpless at some point, and we all need someone to look out for us.




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Death count[]

  • Unidentified woman, died in the chaos of the plague ball.
  • Unidentified child, died in the chaos of the plague ball.
  • Whistler, sacrificed himself by absorbing the plague ball.

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