Spike Comic Issue
What Happens in Vegas, Slays in Vegas
Publication date November 10, 2010
Published by IDW Publishing
Issue # 2
Pages 32
Creative Team
Written by Brian Lynch
Penciller(s) Franco Urru
Nicola Zanni
Inker(s) Franco Urru
Nicola Zanni
Colorist(s) Andrea Priorini
publication order
Alone Together Now
Everybody Loves Spike

"What Happens in Vegas, Slays in Vegas" was the second issue of the Spike (IDW series) comic book mini-series.


In the hotel Team Spike is staying in, Spike, Beck, and George settle in and Spike sees something when he looks out at the skyline. The next day, Team Spike are watching a show called Cirque de no Slay, where they show Slayers in a bad light. After, it turns out that most gift shoppes are jam-packed with dark magic kinck-knacks. Spike says he found the 'Big Bad Central', and shows Beck and George a Wolfram & Hart building.

After a fight with the security guards, Spike is greeted by a possessed Jeremy Johns. Acting as the new liaison for the Senior Partners, he takes Spike through a portal. In the portal, he shows random clips of time, and then supposedly shows what Wolfram & Hart intends to do to Las Vegas. "Jeremy" tells Spike it was fake, and they turn up in the 'White Suite Penthouse' of Wolfram and Hart. "Jeremy" introduces Spike to John.[1] Spike feels like he's met John before, and suddenly sees visions of his life and feels the things John feels. "Jeremy" says Wolfram & Hart suffered a major blow in Los Angeles, and it's slowly repairing. He also says that Las Vegas was making Los Angeles and Sunnydale seem like a candy factory, without demons at all; all mankind. "Jeremy" reveals that W&H knew one of them will come, and they've got something prepared for all of them. For Angel, they're working on trapping Cordelia Chase's essence in 'some gaudy bauble', and for Connor, they're working on a pod-version of Darla. But for Spike, they had second thoughts, that maybe he'd get it, and tells Spike that he could leave them alone, or they could provide Spike a suite and he could keep watch on Wolfram & Hart. Spike refuses, and demands that Wolfram & Hart move, leave Jeremy, and hand over John. "Jeremy" says they can't do that, and John blasts Spike through the window.

Spike hangs on to a part of the window frame. "Jeremy" says he wasn't supposed to kill Spike, and John says he doesn't care. Spike sees someone, and lets go. It is revealed that it is Cordelia-the-Dragon and the Groosalugg.


The story is set after "Crown Prince Syndrome" and "Illyria: Haunted" , but before "The Wolf, the Ram, and the Heart" and "Last Gleaming".



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Spike - "There's a new sheriff in town and he's frightfully cooler than ... hell."


  1. Alone Together Now
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