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[[Category:Sunnydale residents|Wierick]]
[[Category:Sunnydale residents|Wierick]]
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[[Category:Scooby Gang enemies|Wierick]]
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Giles: “How terribly frustrating for you, that a bunch of school children could accomplish what you could not.
Dr. Weirick: “It bothered me. But the power will be mine.
Rupert Giles and Dr. Weirick[src]

Doctor Weirick, also known as The Zookeeper, was the man in charge of the Hyena House Exhibit at the Sunnydale Zoo.


Unbeknownst to all, he was also a Primal, who sought to draw out the power of the hyenas in the zoo and gain their strength. Unfortunately for him, despite all his efforts, he was unable to perform the necessary "predatory act" to summon the spirits, growing particularly frustrated when a group of teenagers—including Xander Harris—managed to unintentionally access the hyenas when standing on the symbol he had drawn in the enclosure while they were fighting. Although he managed to lure them all back to the zoo after Buffy and Giles came to him for help in tracking the 'Pack', subsequently drawing the spirits into him by threatening Willow Rosenberg on the symbol, he was quickly pushed into the hyena enclosure by Buffy Summers before he could adapt to his new strength, where he was swiftly devoured by the hyenas.

Behind the Scenes

  • He was portrayed by James Stephens.


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