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Giles: “How terribly frustrating for you, that a bunch of school children could accomplish what you could not.
Dr. Weirick: “It bothered me. But the power will be mine.
Rupert Giles and Dr. Weirick[src]

Doctor Weirick was a zookeeper and the man in charge of the Hyena House Exhibit at the Sunnydale Zoo.


Dr. Weirick was an employee of the Sunnydale Zoo as well as a Primal, who sought to draw the spirits of the zoo hyenas into himself and gain their power. However, despite all his efforts, he was unable to summon the spirits. In the meantime, he kept the hyena house under "quarantine".

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Dr. Weirick in Masai ceremonial garb and face paint.

Rupert Giles and Buffy Summers sought his help after Xander Harris and a group of Sunnydale High students unwittingly drew the spirits into themselves. As Buffy lured the "Pack" to the Hyena House, Dr. Weirick prepared for the ritual, having learned from Giles that transpossession required a "predatory act" - an act of violence. Weirick knocked out Giles when the latter discovered a sacred primal symbol and realized that Weirick had been trying to achieve the transpossession by himself.

Buffy lured the Pack into the hyena house, giving Weirick the chance to perform the ritual by threatening Willow Rosenberg, whose hands he had previously tied. Having drawn the spirits into himself, Weirick attempted to bite Willow, only to be stopped by Xander. Weirick attacked Xander and was then confronted by Buffy. After a short fight, the Slayer threw him into the hyena pit. Weirick tried to escape from the pit. However, the hyenas immediately attacked and devoured him.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • He was portrayed by James Stephens.