Weatherly Park was a local park in Sunnydale, where many homeless people slept.


In 1997, Sunnydale Press reported an incident with a homeless person, who was practically shredded, at Weatherly Park. Buffy Summers transpassed the park at night to investigate, and initially just found more homeless people. As she removed branches that covered an entrance to the sewers, the vampire responsible for the death, Claw, attacked her, and the two fought.[1]

The Sunnydale Police Department announced their arrival at the moment, and the vampire escaped. While running away, Claw tried to attack the She-Mantis, who was living at a house close to the park, but was frightened by her hidden demonic aspect.[1]

This park was presumably destroyed along with the rest of Sunnydale following the battle at the Hellmouth in 2003.[2]


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