Faith: “So the Watchers Council has assassins on payroll. Sweet buncha guys.
Giles: “They've never had a contract on a human that I know of, but in the world of international sorcery, things get... complicated. It's not all pointy hats and purple cloaks.
Faith Lehane and Rupert Giles[src]

The Watchers Council Special Operations Team was an elite unit of human operatives working for the Watchers Council. It was formed by three men - Collins, Weatherby and Smith - and charged with handling morally ambiguous missions such as interrogations, kidnappings, assassinations and smuggling.


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Collins, Weatherby and Smith in Sunnydale

They sent an operations team. They handle the Council's trickier jobs. Smuggling, interrogation, wetworks.
―Rupert Giles[src]

After rogue Slayer Faith Lehane awoke from her coma, the Team was deployed with the goal of aprehending her and taking her to England to face the Council's judgment. They first sought the help of Rupert Giles but he refused to aid them. Nonetheless, the team succeeded in capturing their target. However, they ignored that Faith had switched bodies with Buffy Summers.

After the Council was unable to extract the team from Sunnydale, they ordered the target to be eliminated. As the team set to execute Buffy and torch the warehouse in which they kept her imprisoned, Buffy managed to defeat and escape her captors.

Los Angeles


Collins, Weatherby and Smith in Los Angeles

Why come to me? You know where she is. Why not simply take her yourselves? You three are the best, the Council's elite, the -- She cleaned your clocks, didn't she?
―Wesley Wyndam-Pryce[src]

After Buffy undid the body switching spell, Faith fled to Los Angeles, where she tried to assassinate Angel, only for him to take her under his protection in an attempt to save her soul. The Special Ops Team tracked her down to the city. They approached Wesley Wyndam-Pryce and offered to reinstate him to his former position as Watcher in exchange for his aid in neutralizing Faith. They pretended that their goal was to take Faith to England for rehabilition, while Wesley pretended he had believed them and that he would aid them with the condition that no harm was to be done to Angel.

As the Council approached the Angel Investigations offices, Wesley warned Angel and Faith of the danger and helped fend them off. While Wesley incapacitated Weatherby with the same drugs that were supposed to be used to subdue Faith, the two Slayers defeated Collins while Angel stopped Smith, who was shooting at them from a helicopter.

Defeated, the assassins apparently fled Los Angeles while Faith turned herself to the LAPD to face the consequences of her past actions.