Edna Fairweather, a Watcher in Training, and later full fledged Watcher.

Watchers are typically trained from childhood and are often Legacies of such Watcher families as Giles, Wyndams, Travers, Posts, Zabutos, and Jamison-Smythes.

Watchers Academy

Watchers are often trained as children and teens, being referred to as Watchers in Training, with the youngest of those being referred to as "Littles."[1] Watchers in Training will undergo training in such fields as magic, research, combat, and healing. Some more advanced classes include going on field trips to visit vampires and other creatures under controlled circumstances for their studies.[2] This prepares the children for an adult career as a Watcher though not all of them make it to the Watcher's Council.

Notable Watchers in Training

Those whose name is marked with an asterisk (*) are Slayers from alternate, dubious, or non-canon sources.


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