Walt Zane was the head of Zane Pharmaceuticals, a leading company in experimental medicine and biotechnology. He had a Ph.D. in chemistry from the California Institute of Technology with which he started the company in his garage 26 years earlier.

With plants founds in the South American jungle the company was able to create many medical breakthroughs. Zane decided to lead an expedition into the jungle himself. He was escorted by members of the United States Military, but contact with the delegation was eventually lost. His daughter, Reese Zane, hired Deepscan to find him back.

His daughter described him as "something of a camera hog", and Major Billings was surprised at the amount of influence he had in the state department.

Although Zane was discovered in the jungle, it was revealed that he had been transformed into a vampire by a woman he had encountered, retreating to the jungle and turning a tribe as he felt that vampirism- particularly with the new immunity to sunlight caused by the new rules of magic- represented the ideal cure for death that he had been seeking all his life. He attempted to convince his daughter to let him turn her so that they could share this 'breakthrough' with the rest of the world, but Reese staked him instead, recognizing the insanity of his plan.

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