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You're funny. When I crush your head you'll be even funnier.

Vyasa was a demon of an unknown species who took part in the heist to steal the Shroud of Rahmon.


You have no idea. It belongs to my people. My people!

Vyasa joined the crew assembled by demon M. James Menlo in order to retrieve the Shroud of Rahmon, which Vyasa considered as a relic of his people. He openly expressed his dislike for the human members of the crew: Natural History Museum security guard Robert Skale and the driver "Lester" (undercover Charles Gunn); he was also annoyed by the loud Jay-Don - actually Angel undercover - for which he constantly threatened to kill or maim them.

During the robbery of the Shroud, Vyasa, under the effects of the relic, ripped Bob's head after the human told the demon to make his injuries "look real" so he wouldn't be a suspect of aiding the thieves.

After the rest of the crew escaped to their hideout and the fight for the Shroud's possession began, Vyasa tried to goad Angel into killing the remaining human: Gunn, deriving pleasure from seeing the human getting injured. Vyasa also tried to claim the Shroud for himself but was shot in the head by Menlo.

Physiology and powers[]

Menlo: “It weighs a ton. We'll need all of us to lift it.
Vyasa: “I can take my end
— Menlo and Vyasa[src]

Vyasa's demon physiology and superior musculature granted him superhuman strength above that of a vampire and physically weaker demons like Menlo. He was capable of ripping off the head of a human with a single hand and little effort.

Vyasa had scaly, orange skin, red eyes and a line of spines across his severely curved back.


Humans always got to feel something about everything. And they always tell you about it. I am so happy, I am so sad, I am so scared. Makes me sick.

Vyasa was a particularly violent and sadistic demon with a taste for beheading his opponents or crushing their heads. He also felt extreme disgust for humans and their capacity for emotions.

Under the effects of the Shroud of Rahmon, Vyasa's violent tendencies and xenophobia was exacerbated to murderous levels, as seen when he ripped off the head of fellow thief Bob and when he tried to goad Angel into killing Gunn.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • He was portrayed by Tony Todd.