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Vraka is an ancient demon, who was leader of the demon cult, the Blood of Carthage, who occupied the Roman city Carthage, and planned to build a demon army that would swallow the human race and bring back the old ones. Not willing to allow demons to run the city of Carthage, the Roman senate sent their finest general, Scipio Aemilianus and his army to expunge of them. The battle waged on for four years in which neither side was any closer to winning. In adition to being a general, Scipio also had some facility to the dark arts and called upon the elder demon Ky-laag to end the war. After chasing the demons out of carthage, Ky-laag turned on Scipio, planning to overtake the world.

Vraka eventually developed the proper magic to trap the demon, and buried it on the farthest shore of a wild, undiscovered continent -- Sunnydale. Through magic and fear, Vraka turned Scipio into a hideous creature and made him sentinel over Ky-laag's prison, ensuring that no one would awaken it. Every ten years, Scipio was allowed to prey on the weak and feed on their fear as sustenance. During the 21st century, Scipio, now known as Mad Jack (Sunnydale's answer to the bogeyman), attacked friends of Buffy, which caused her to act rashly and kill Scipio.

At a certain point, in Venice, Vraka was manipulated by Spike, proposing a false alliance, only for to to delivers Drusilla, prisonner by a rival demon clan. For it, Vraka developped a great heat for the punk vampire.

Scipio's death upset the binding spell, and allowed Ky-laag to find a weak minded individual to free it from its prison in Sunnydale's local quarry. With Scipio dead, Vraka and what was left of the Blood of Carthage—twin vampires, the troll Hiram and Xerxes the Blind—ventured to Sunnydale to renew the barrier. A necessary ingredient of the ritual were several organs: eyes and brains, which Vraka obtained by having Xerxes massacre a bar full of demons and a human being, sucking the organs right from their head. The human's death caught Buffy's attention, who planned to kill the cult, but was instead forced into an uneasy alliance with them after they informed her of the imminent rise of Ky-Laag. Despite Buffy and the Blood of Carthage's best efforts, Ky-laag rose. While Buffy and the Blood of Carthage held Ky-laag at bay, rest of the Scoobies cast a spell to trap Ky-laag and reforge the barrier.

Vraka left Sunnydale with the only other surviving member of the battle of Ky-laag, Xerxes the Blind, deciding to leave Buffy alive and have her stand watch over Ky-laag.


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