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Note: This article is about the first Twilight general. For the one who replaced him, see The General.

They got power, they got resources, and they got a hard-line ideology that does not jibe with American interests. Worst of all, they got a leader. Charismatic, uncompromising, and completely destructive.
―General Voll[src]

Voll was a General of the United States Armed Forces and member of the Twilight Group.


General Voll was one of the commanding officers of the government operation to investigate the destruction of Sunnydale. He supervised the rescue of Amy Madison and Warren Mears from the wreckage,[2] and imprisonment in the Drextalcorp Recycling Technologies front agency.[3]

Voll was also a member of the group seeking to destroy the Slayer Organization, and had the Mark of Twilight carved on his chest. He believe that the originally demonic nature of Slayers would inevitably cause them to rise above the law and attempt to strike out at the world once the original demons were gone. Using Amy and Warren, he allowed their attack against the Slayer Organization command center and kidnapping followed by torture of Willow Rosenberg.[4]

With Ethan Rayne imprisoned in their facilities, he shot the warlock in the head before Buffy Summers was able to come in his recue.[5]

At some point he was replaced in the Twilight cabal by another member of the United States Army, known as The General.[6]

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