Vivian was a young woman who had been accepted to a culinary school in Paris and had gone to the Tropicana with friends to celebrate.

During her stay in Las Vegas, Vivian and her friends attended one of Lorne's stage shows where she sang for him, allowing Lorne to read her destiny. Later, Lee DeMarco invited her into the Million Dollar Spin-to-Win game where her destiny, that of owning multiple high class restaurants, was stolen by a mystical globe which had enchanted a casino chip. After she lost her destiny, like most others, she became someone without a sense of purpose and then played out her complementary quarters in a slot machine. Upon running out of quarters, Vivian wandered out into the busy street and was saved from death by Angel and would later come across more quarters to play in the slot machines. After her destiny was restored, Vivian stopped playing the slot machine and left the Tropicana.

Behind the Scenes Edit

  • She was portrayed by Brittany Ishibashi.

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