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Virginia Dare, also known as White Doe, was the Slayer in late 16th to early 17th century.


Early life

Virginia Dare was the first child of English colonists born on American soil, in 1587. While she was still an infant, her parents Ananias Dare and Eleanor White were sired and her colony massacred by vampires. Virginia was sole survivor protected by her mother, daughter of the Watcher John White, who burned the mark of the cross on her forehead.

The Croatoan Manteo adopted her as his daughter, and noticed as she grew that she was gifted like John White had explained to him: a killer of the Night Walkers, and she was trained as the men were in the arts of war. When she first menstruated, Takes From Eagle, as Manteo was called, informed her of her calling as the Slayer, and she staked her first vampire on the same night. White Doe, as she was then called, grew into a cherished and admired woman among her village.

White Doe

Ceremonial Fox, as the warlock Okisko was called, began lusting after White Doe, and resented that she loved Seal of the Ocean. As he returned her feelings, they were formally betrothed. In the following day, Ceremonial Fox sent White Doe to a dangerous island full of European vampires, secretly intending to have her dying in battle. White Doe was able to to slay hundreds of Walkers, including her blood parents. With her survival, Ceremonial Fox offered White Doe the chance of marrying him instead. Having just endured such an arduous task and realized her own power, White Doe strongly refused his proposition. In vengeance, Ceremonial Fox turned her into a white doe, and magically imprisoned her on the island.

The Croatoans grieved her disappearance, but noticed a deer always overseeing their village, pale like her skin and name. Going through a period of terrible drought, hunting on the dangerous island was allowed. The priest Many Trees suggested they offer the animal to the mantoac in order to restore both the lost child and the withheld water. Seal of the Ocean went after the deer, desiring to retrieve his beloved White Doe.

Meanwhile, Ceremonial Fox reflected about the possibility of her death. Seal of the Ocean found the animal and shot in its direction, but at the last second Ceremonial Fox undid his spell. White Doe was transformed back into a human in front of her beloved, just as her heart was pierced by his arrow. Seal of the Ocean took her in his arms, but her body eventually disappeared. In London, her grandfather received a grievous letter from the Council: "There is another Chosen One."[1]

Behind the scenes

  • Her story is based on myths built around the real life disappearance of Virginia Dare and the folklore registered in Sallie Southall Cotten's epic poem "The White Doe: The Fate of Virginia Dare" (1901).



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