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Virginia Bryce was a socialite and the daughter of Magnus Bryce, a powerful wizard.[1]


Virginia spent most of her life being protected by her father from perceived threats from business rivals like Paul Lanier.[1]

At the age of 24, her father hired Wesley Wyndam-Pryce to serve as her bodyguard prior to his upcoming birthday celebrations, the entire family believing that Wesley was in fact Angel. During this time, the two grew close and slept together — Wesley passing off Virginia's concerns about Angel's curse by claiming that it was more of a "recommendation" —, but the truth was eventually revealed, prompting Wesley to leave dejectedly.[1]

However, the group later saved her from being sacrificed to the demon Yeska by her father. When the demon rejected Virginia because she wasn't "pure," Magnus assumed that this meant that she had lost her virginity to Wesley. Trying to keep her "pure" for the sacrifice, Magnus had selected Angel as her bodyguard due to the perception that his curse made him essentially a eunuch. However, Virginia implied that she'd actually lost it when she was sixteen to Magnus's chauffeur. Virginia, disgusted by her father's actions, punched him in the face.[1]

Virginia and Wesley continued in a fairly serious relationship for a while and she even moved into his apartment. The couple also attended social functions together, Virginia's social status even putting Wesley in magazines. Virginia also provided Wesley, Cordelia, and Gunn with their first case after Angel cut ties with them, asking for their assistance on behalf of her friend Patricia Bointon to deal with a Wainakay demon problem.[2]

However, after Wesley was shot while fighting zombies, Virginia eventually left because she didn't feel capable of coping with Wesley's lifestyle as a demon hunter.[3]

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