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Violet or "Vi" was a Slayer and leader of the Slayer Organization New York squad.[2] As a Potential Slayer, she fought beside the Scooby Gang against the First Evil, being activated during the battle at the Hellmouth.[3]



My Watcher once showed me a photograph of one [vampire]. A blurry photograph.
―Vi [src]

A Potential Slayer identified by the Watchers Council, Vi had been guided by a designated Watcher. Her time with them, though, was very sheltered, and she had yet to even see a vampire before her arrival in Sunnydale.[4]

When the First Evil began its attack against the Slayer line, she was one of the first Potentials sent to Buffy Summers for protection.[4] She was a very shy and nervous girl, but she grew into a stronger and more confident young woman. Her training with Buffy and the other Potentials began rather poorly, but as the war built, she became a proficient fighter and was chosen for Faith Lehane's tactical assault on the Shadow Valley Vineyards.[5]


These guys are dust.

Vi fights Turok-Han in the Hellmouth.

When the Seal of Danzalthar was opened, Vi and entered the Hellmouth with an army of fellow Potentials. At first, she was overwhelmed by the numbers of the First's Turok-Hans. As the Slayer activation spell released the power of the Slayer within her, she gained the confidence necessary to hold her own against the enemy, and displayed notable skill in battle.[3]

As the Hellmouth was closed, she helped some of the injured newly-chosen Slayers, such as Rona, to escape Sunnydale High School. She tended Robin Wood's injuries while the group ran from Sunnydale's collapse.[3]

The Slayer Organization[]

Buffy violet squad

Violet and her Wicca squad in New York.

Having survived the battle at the Hellmouth, Vi joined the Slayer Organization set up by the Scooby Gang to lead the new Slayer army. In the group's efforts to locate Slayers worldwide, she appeared alongside Andrew Wells on a recruitment commercial on television.[6]

Vi became the leader of the New York cell of the organization. Willow, Buffy, and Kennedy eventually went to her squad to investigate a time anomaly in the city, and she witnessed to Buffy time travel abduction into the future of Haddyn.[2]

During the battle of the Slayer Organization against Twilight in Sunnydale, Vi stayed in New York and monitored the situation with a squad of witches.[7]

Powers and abilities[]

Vi had all the common powers of a Slayer, such as superhuman strength, speed, stamina, reflexes, agility, and accelerated healing factor. During the battle against the Turok-Han army, she also displayed extraordinary proficiency with knives.[3]


Behind the scenes[]


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