Vincent Kartheiser is an American film actor best known for his role as Connor on Angel.

In a truly original role, Vincent Kartheiser played Connor, the miraculous human son of vampires Darla (Julie Benz) and the titular Angel (David Boreanaz). Thanks to being reared in an alternate hell dimension, Connor had more than a few chips on his shoulder upon his return to Los Angeles. His adolescent angst and rebellion was one of the main focuses of the series' fourth season.

In 2007, he portray Pete Campbell on "Mad Men" alongside Christina Hendricks (Unidentified barmaid). The show include many guest like Mark Metcalf (The Master), Danny Strong (Jonathan Levinson), Patricia Bethune (Kalish/Monica Frzylcka), Rick Zieff (Mr. Whitmore), Shannon Welles (Magda Kalderash), Nathan Anderson (John Lee Walker), Andy Umberger (D'Hoffryn/Ronald Meltzer), Adam Kaufman (Parker Abrams), Lauri Johnson (Martha Straley), Doug Tompos (Wasserman), Jesse James (Ryan Anderson), Chet Grissom (Clark), Alastair Duncan (Collins), Rudolf Martin (Dracula), Randy Thompson (Aaron Kriegel), Drew Wicks (Unidentified police officer (Untouched)/Blix), Gareth Williams (Mr. Chaulk), Stewart Skelton (Harold Jeakins), Evan Arnold (Shempire), Oliver Muirhead (Philip), James Pormichter (Zorn), Darby Stanchfield (Denise), Norma Michaels (Helen Bointon), Frank Novak (Mr. Bointon), Loanne Bishop (Unidentified 911 Operator), Michael Dempsey (Irv Kraigle), Pat Skipper (McCarthy), Kate Norby (Elisabeth), David Denman (Skip), Marcia Ann Burrs (Bellamy), Kristoffer Polaha (Dylan Blim), Stephanie Courtney (Gwen), Sunny Mabrey (Allison), Tony Pasqualini (Harlan Elster), Casey Sander (Anthony Harris), Jan Hoag (Carol Harris), Anthony Starke (Tyke), Heidi Fecht (Mrs. Raiden), Kevin Christy (Josh (Sunnydale High), Randy Oglesby (Oliver Seidel), Josh Braaten (Torg), Jack Kehler (Manjet), Rob Nagle (Robson), Tawny Rene Hamilton (Trish (Shiny Happy People), Patrick Fischler (Ted), Jim Abele (Laurence Reilly), Mark Kelly (Reese), Peter Breitmayer (Desmond Keel), Christopher Gehrman (Rudy) and Mark Colson (Izzerial).

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