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Note: This article is about the vampire. For the actor, see Vincent Kartheiser.

In the name of Lord Balthazar, die!

Vincent was a vampire and a member of El Eliminati. He was the leading minion of Balthazar, a powerful demon.


Vincent made a noble effort. Man to man, as befits a true warrior. He had courage. He had honor. And I have jack to show for it!
―Lord Balthazar[src]

Vincent with two fellow Eliminati

Vincent was a member of El Eliminati, a 15th century duelist cult of vampires which became the acolytes of the Balthazar, a very powerful demon who took them to the New World, specifically the Hellmouth. Balthazar and El Eliminati came into conflict with Richard Wilkins, a powerful sorcerer who founded Sunnydale as part of his plan to achieve Ascension. Wilkins was victorious and Balthazar, crippled, was believed dead, while the amulet that gave him his powers somehow came into possession of a landowner named Gleaves, and was buried with him.

One hundred years later, El Eliminati resurfaced, with Vincent leading them, to recuperate their master's amulet so he could exact his revenge. They succeeded in retrieving the amulet but lost it in a fight to Buffy Summers and Faith Lehane, the Slayers, despite the fact that Vincent nearly managed to drown Buffy.

After one of his fellow minions was punished for their failure, Vincent was sent to assassinate Wilkins. He made his way to the City Hall, and managed to bypass security and infiltrate into Wilkins' office, hiding inside the Mayor's liquor cabinet; presumably he was allowed to do so by Sunnydale's Deputy Mayor, Allan Finch.

Vincent death

Vincent's death at Mr. Trick's hand

After Wilkins opened his cabinet following a meeting with a group of boy scouts, Vincent emerged, sword in hand, and pinned his target to the desk. As he prepared to deliver the killing blow, Vincent was knocked out by Mr. Trick, the Mayor's right hand, and locked inside a cage. Unbeknownst to Vincent, his master Balthazar and his fellow Eliminati were wiped out by Buffy and Angel.

Caged like a captive animal, Vincent witnessed how Wilkins performed a dark ritual known as the Dedication. After the ritual was completed, a sword was put near Vincent's cage and the door opened. Immediately, Vincent set out to complete his mission and struck down Wilkins' head, splitting it in two. Much to the assassin's surprise, Wilkins did not die. Vincent watched in awe and shock as the Mayor's head healed until there was not even a scar, and then he was staked through the back by Mr. Trick.

Personality and Traits[]

Let's settle this honorably.

A large, imposing vampire, Vincent was also a loyal servant of Balthazar, risking his own life to complete any mission his Lord required. Like his fellow Eliminati, Vincent was a warrior who held up ideals of honor and followed the traditions of the cult of dressing in uniform and fighting with sword and dagger.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • He was portrayed by Alex Skuby.