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The truth is, I don’t pay much attention to the detail. Long as my buddies and I get rich, I’m good.
―Vice President of the United States[src]

The Vice President of the United States was an unidentified human politician. He acted under President Malloy’s administration of the United States Government, and was involved with the traitorous Pandora Project.

Biography[edit | edit source]

In the aftermath of San Francisco tsunami crisis, the Vice President of the United States, in reunion with President Malloy and Chief of Staff of the United States Army Bill, declared that the tsunami’s causes weren’t as important as what they would do about it.[1] The installed measures were under the harsh Supernatural Crisis Act.[2]

The vice president went to San Francisco to meet the people rebuilding the city, staying at the Hotel Luxe. Commenting with his security guard about the protesters at the hotel entrance, he complained their supposedly lack of hygiene, even for a technically disaster area.

According to the data found by the Scooby Gang, the vice president was the senior member of the Pandora Project. In order to be able to interrogate him, Willow Rosenberg kidnapped him and replaced him with Xander Harris under a glamour. who gave an interview to the Financial Times in his place.

The witch cast upon him a Truth Spell, so he confessed he didn’t pay much attention to his affiliations as long as they made him rich. Questioning about the real project leader, he explained there was a pre-existing spell on him that forbid it. Still under the effects of the spell, he warned about a satellite to be launched with a wide-ranged magic-absorbing ray in the United States. He was sent back to his bathroom after a spell of forgetfulness, and asked his bodyguards if he had eaten the governor of Colorado’s brownies again.[3]

After the Scooby Gang exposed publicly the Pandora Project and its leader Joanna Wise, President Malloy declared everyone involved in this treason would be punished, and his administration would review all policies regarding the supernatural.[4]

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