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You're the wolf all the time, and your human face is just your disguise. Ever think of that?

Veruca was a werewolf,[1] the lead singer of Shy, and a student of University of California, Sunnydale.[2]


Veruca was the lead singer of the band Shy. She and Oz knew of each other through the music scene, but their paths did not cross until his freshman year at UC Sunnydale.[2] She sensed immediately that Oz was a werewolf, though he did not realize she too was a werewolf until much later.[1]

During one of Oz's wolf nights, he escaped from his cage and slept with a female werewolf, who turned out to be Veruca. She tried to convince Oz to embrace the werewolf instead of fighting it and locking himself away while he transformed. She claimed that, because they shared this affliction, they should be together, free. Oz attempted to protect people from Veruca by locking her, along with himself, in his cage, a place in which they mated again.[1]

Their affair was discovered by Willow Rosenberg, who tried to use her magic to curse both of them, but could not bring herself to hurt Oz. Veruca sought Willow out with the intent to kill her and almost succeeded. However, Oz, in his werewolf form, fought and killed Veruca by viciously biting her in the throat. He realized he could not go on like this and left Sunnydale in the hopes of finding a cure for his condition.[1]

Powers and abilities[]

Veruca in werewolf form.

Veruca possessed the common abilities and handicaps of a werewolf. In addition, she was able to retain memories of the times during the werewolf transformation.[1]

Personality and traits[]

I'm not getting in that stupid cage with you, if that's what this is about. We belong outside.

When Veruca was first bitten she was scared, but eventually accepted what she had become, and (unlike Oz) came to consider the wolf to be her true self. Because of that, she felt no need to restrain herself during her transformations, preferring to run free, not caring whether she hurt or killed someone or not.[1]

Behind the scenes[]