Some of us realize it's useless to try to deny what we are.

Archduchess Venobia had a personal slave, maintained by her side with a collar and chain. He was of Sebassis' species.


By Venobia's side on her throne room, the slave watched indifferently Buffy Summers and Spike fight against other servants. When his master, amused, suggested the couple to continue their own discussion and the vampire to return shirtless, the slave expressed contentment. The Slayer beat Venobia, for much of his worry, then took off his collar and put on an unconscious Venobia, to which he expressed confusion[1].

Buffy and Spike returned, and questioned the chains in the original place. His master explained that "some of us realize it's useless to try to deny what we are," a remark that made him express fear[2].

The slave went with Venobia to the Plaza Inn, carried by his chains and carrying her baggage. They shared the irritated expression for Ghoul Power lobbyists. He wasn't accompanying Venobia during the Magic Council reunion[3].


As of Sebassis' species, the slave had pale skin, antelope-like horns, hooves, and pointed ears. As a servant, his horns were short, wearing black shorts and black collar. With the exception of the non-canon miniseries "Spike: The Devil You Know," Venobia and her slave were the only member of this species shown with hair – his in mohawk hairstyle.

Behind the Scenes

  • Other demons slaves and owners of this species were Archduke Sebassis with Pee Pee[4], and Duchess with an unidentified slave[5]. This indicates that perhaps slavery is common and accepted among this species.



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