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What is it like to be a vengeance demon? Power. We can alter reality. Travel through space and time. Even, under certain circumstances, return the dead to life. But with one crucial limitation. We cannot do these things of our own volition. We require the wish of a human.

Vengeance demon, or justice demon,[1] was a powerful demon society originating from the dimension of Arashmaharr, who had the power of granting wishes of vengeful intent.[2][3] Their ranks were gathered by D'Hoffryn, who sought out women who exacted curses on those who have done them harm.[2][4] They were immortal beings who traveled the world exacting curses on behalf of their victims, such as wronged or scorned women[5] and abused children.[1]


Vengeance demons appointed by D'Hoffryn resemble humanoid demons with the appearance of heavily wrinkled or decaying skin. They could choose to appear in their true forms to intimidate their victims, or they could modify their appearance to that of a normal human to facilitate interaction with their target clients. According to D'Hoffryn, vengeance demons did retain a soul.[4]

In Arashmaharr, the appearance of the demons working in the vengeance fold varied, suggesting that vengeance demons were not a race, but a title. D'Hoffryn himself identified as a vengeance demon.[3]


No, that was just Anya's little raison d'être. Most of us try to be a bit more well-rounded.

Jonathan and three other vengeance demons in human form.

Vengeance demons traveled the world exacting vengeance on behalf of victims. Their typical method was to appear to a wronged person, in human form, and encourage them to vent their frustration about those who have hurt them. The moment the object of the demon's attention expresses their preferred method of punishment in the form of a wish, the vengeance demon could cause their wish to come true, whether it required gruesome dismemberment or even the creation of a new alternate universe.[5]

Although vengeance demons' mission in as a whole was to bring forth "destruction and chaos for the pleasure of the lower beings," each individual had her own priorities and specialties, such as scorned women or neglected children. Some vengeance demons did not believe their mission was evil at all, and described themselves instead as "justice demons," a term which carries less stigma than "vengeance demons."[1]

Vengeance demons obeyed the exact wording of the wish, but would not give the wish-maker what they wanted. For example, when Cordelia Chase wished to Anyanka that Buffy Summers had never come to Sunnydale, Anyanka instead created another universe in which the Order of Aurelius ruled Sunnydale, as Buffy was not there to oppose them.[5] Similarly, when Dawn Summers wished to Halfrek that no one would leave her, it instead resulted in anyone and everyone who entered the Summers' residence being mystically trapped inside the house and unable to leave the premises, Halfrek herself included.[1]


You have much anger and pain. Your magic is strong, but your pain... it's like a scream that pierces dimensional walls. We heard your call.

D'Hoffryn created vengeance demons by appearing to humans who have exacted notable revenge on their loved ones, and transforming them into demons. These humans were generally females, and D'Hoffryn typically chose those who already had decent magical aptitude, as they generally made the best vengeance demons. He created Anyanka, Patron Saint of Scorned Women, by this process, but failed to convert Willow Rosenberg. When this occurred, D'Hoffryn granted them a talisman which they could use to summon him, should they change their mind at a later date.[2]

According to Anya, they had for custom to wear a traditional blood larva and burlap dress.[6]

Working environment[]

The flaying of Warren Mears? Oh, truly inspired. That was water cooler vengeance. Lloyd has a sketch of it on his wall.

Vengeance, L.L.C.

Despite the severity of the vengeance they inflicted, vengeance demons were humorously implied to be the white-collar workers of the demon world. Throwaway comments by Anya, Halfrek, D'Hoffryn all suggested an office-like setting, where demons related their stories of vengeance and gossip to each other.[4][7] In Arashmaharr, the headquarters of the vengeance demons was an office building called Vengeance, L.L.C.[3]

There were rules that governed the vengeance demons and the wishes they granted and on the terms of their performance. When Anya took back a wish she had granted, she was punished by having to file a flight plan whenever she wished to teleport.[8] When Anya wished to reverse her actions that resulted in the death of a dozen fratmen, D'Hoffryn reiterated that such a reversal would require the life and soul of a vengeance demon to appease the Fates. Such wish of Anyanka caused her to be removed by D'Hoffryn from the ranks of his vengeance demons, as Anyanka had shown weakness and reluctance to continue her mission for vengeance. D'Hoffryn was also most vengeful upon his perception of Anya's weakness, and not only denied Anya the easy death she asked for, he also specifically chose her best friend Halfrek to die instead to reverse Anya's work.[4] D'Hoffryn later sent a demon to assassinate Anya.[9]

Powers and abilities[]

Wish granted.

Wish-granting: Vengeance demons had the ability to grant wishes of vengeance; this power was derived from the amulets they wore around their necks.[5] However, they couldn't grant their own wishes or those of another vengeance demon.[10] The resulting effects of the wishes they grant were quite powerful, able to create alternate timelines if necessary.[5] Anya claimed that only the vengeance demon responsible for granting the wish could undo it, but even vengeance demons weren't exempt from the effects of the wish once granted.[1] Apart from that, if their amulet was destroyed, their wishes could be undone and they became mortal again. Vengeance demons also appeared to have the ability to summon their amulets, as Anyanka was seen wearing her amulet moments after being summoned by Giles, who had it up until that point.[5]

Shapeshifting: Vengeance demons could transform into a frightening demonic form from human form, in which their faces appeared to be skinless with exposed veins.[5][1][10]

Immortality: Vengeance demons could live for thousands of years and remain an ageless appearance.[4]

Regeneration: Both Halfrek and Anya had been stricken in the chest with a sword; they initially feel unconscious then awoke with no visible injury.[1][4]

Anya super strength selfless 1


Strength: As a vengeance demon, Anya was able to knock opponents several meters away and lift individuals larger than her (such as Giles).[5] She could also battle powerful beings such as the Slayer, possessing enough strength and endurance to rival her own.[4]

Halfrek teleportation selfless


Teleportation: One of vengeance demon's most notable features was their ability to teleport in a whirl of energy at long distances to any place instantly.[1][11] This was more efficient than other forms of magical transportation (such as Willow's storm-based flight) as it could reach destinations faster at the cost of being less visually impressive.[11] Teleportation for vengeance demons was limited, as Anya could only teleport herself and, as punishment, was temporarily forced to file a fight plan every time she needed to teleport.[8]

Halfrek telekinesis older and far away


Telekinesis: Halfrek showed the ability of telekinesis by pushing Anya away after pointing at her.[1]

Voice manipulation: Vengeance demon were able to have their voice altered to sound more threatening, as demonstrated by Anyanka[5] and Halfrek.[12]

Empathy: Vengeance demons possessed some empathic abilities. This was mainly used to sought out their wronged person, feeling their pain as if it was their own.[1] They could sense when people had vengeful feelings in their souls,[13] and could identify whether creatures had souls by observing them at close range.[14]

Flight: A group of vengeance demons floated while accompanying an empowered D'Hoffryn.[3]

Known vengeance demons[]

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