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DJ Velatti was a vampire.


Her real name is unknown, just as most of her past is shrouded in mystery. What is known in that somewhere in the 20th century, a vampire named Parnassus Jones sired her and turned her into what she is today. Jones kept her until he was bored with her. So, when a Sedios demon offered him a deal: Velatti in exchange for some Essence of Execration, he took it and left her high and dry. Jones didn't see her several decades, until the early 21st century, when he moved his operations to Sunnydale. Velatti tricked Jones into thinking she was still dependent on him, which was all a ploy to get her revenge on him when he least expected it.

Parnassus and Velatti took over a "moving" club called Faint, and sold drugs to Sunnydale's youth, but during one of Parnassus' high moments, he received a vision from the Goddess of Tears, who promised to give Sunnydale to him in exchange for freeing her from her dimensional prison. In order to free the Goddess, he needed the tears of a virgin. Kidnapping The Slayer's sister, Dawn, Jones brought the attention of Buffy Summers into his affairs, but it was too late: Dawn had already cried, and Jones used the Goddess' artifact to suck them dry. Shortly before the Goddess came into our dimension, Velatti got her revenge on Parnassus and staked him. During her battle with Buffy, Velatti was attacked by the Goddess of Tears, who sucked Velatti dry and then tossed her body into one of the club's wooden support beams. The broken support beam caused the floor to come down, and trapped Velatti under tons of plaster and cement. Buffy and her friends then went after the Goddess. Destroying the artifact used to summon her, the Goddess was left vulnerable to Buffy's attacks. After the Godess was destroyed, the Scoobies left the demolished club, not realizing that Velatti had survived.

Velatti was badly wounded from the fight, and lay unconscious in the rubble of what used to be the club for a few weeks. Finally gathering the strength to resurface, Velatti the help of Hoopy the Bear, a demon to help her in her revenge against the Slayer. That night, Velatti stalked Buffy from afar and discovered Buffy's secret: having just risen from the grave, Buffy felt lonely and isolated and sought "comfort" by having sex with Spike,which she was deeply ashamed of. While Buffy was out on patrol, Velatti arranged for Hoopy to kidnap Buffy's sister and bring her to the 'Double Meat Palace' where the Scoobies were having dinner. Velatti planned to get her reveange by telling the Scoobies Buffy's secret before she killed them all but was surprised by Spike and dusted before she could tell the Scoobies.


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