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Note: This article is about the plush toy. For other uses, see Vampy Cat.

Vampy Cat! Grrr! Argh! He'll love you to death!
―Vampy Cat slogan[src]

Vampy Cat was a character of a vampire cat, manufactured as a plush toy by Santorio Corporation.[1]


During the vampire craze, the Vampy Cat plush toy was commercialized as a new variant of the "Happy Cat," with a high number of pre-orders.[1]

The Vampy Cat was initially used as disguise for the Swell to access hosts for their possession, as orchestrated by a group of vampires in Japan. After the demons were defeated by Satsu, Kennedy, and the Slayer Organization Tokyo headquarters, pro-vampire spokeswoman Harmony Kendall was interviewed about the attack, and vampires came out as martyrs from the situation.[1]

The general public never knew about the initial plan, its demonic characteristics simply used as background for the Vampy Cat character in its commercial. According to it, he was a "huggably soft vampy cat" an old Oni demon gave a young girl named Sachiko, as solace for being bullied by three young boys. When the harassment returned, the Vampy Cat took revenge in a vicious attack against the bullies, and their suffering brought the girl’s joy back.[2]

The Vampy Cat eventually became commercially available as a normal toy. Andrew Wells kept one in his apartment,[3] and Joyce Harris had one plush toy as well.[4] Related products were also available, such as a spatula with a Vampy Cat face.[5]

Behind the Scenes[]

  • The Vampy Cat is a parody of character Hello Kitty, produced in turn by Sanrio. Artist Georges Jeanty has described the Vampy Cats as "cute, plush-like dolls that were an obvious reference to Hello Kitty, but with a vampire twist."[6]
  • Jeanty also revealed to also have designed a female Vampy Cat, wearing a skirt and hat in addition to the vest and cape, although never used in the comic books.[6]