They who walk with the night are not interested in harming anyone. They're separate from humanity, and must carry the burden of immortality. They are creatures above us. Exalted.

A vampire worshiper was a human who worshiped vampires as exalted beings superior to humans and whom they referred sometimes as "Lonely Ones".

Most vampire worshipers had never actually seen a real vampire. Angel, in particular, dismissed them as children making up stories to make themselves feel better about going out at night. The Sunset Club, located in Sunnydale, was a Gothic nightclub and haven in which vampire worshipers, vampire wannabes, and posers gathered in order to experience what they believed was the "vampiric lifestyle". In 1998, the Sunset Club learned the error of their ways when Billy Fordham arranged to have Spike's gang slaughter everyone in the club in return for being sired. The group was horrified upon meeting real vampires.

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