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A vampire hunter was an individual who had devoted him or herself to tracking and exterminating vampires. The term included but was not limited to the Slayer, who, historically, filled the role of a super-powered vampire hunter, and her Watcher mentors.

Humans who wished to become vampire hunters extensively studied vampire fighting capabilities and weaknesses and equipped themselves with the proper weapons in order to match the increased strength, speed and agility of their enemies.

Known Vampire Hunters

  • Billy Lane: Teenage vampire hunter who started hunting during the zompire epidemic.
  • Devon: Billy's lover who fights zompires too.
  • Captain Daniel Holtz: Famous 18th Century vampire hunter who was considered the most successful non-mystical vampire hunter in history.
  • Justine Cooper: Turned to vampire-hunting to avenge the death of her sister. A member of Holtz's Angel-Hunters.
  • The Inquisitore: A Catholic order led by Monseigneur Rivalli that specialized in the capture, execution and torture of vampires.
  • Colonel Geoffrey Wyndam-Pryce: A member of the Watcher's Council and officer in the British army during WWI.
  • Angel: Ensouled vampire who devoted himself to fighting vampires and numerous other evils on his path to redemption.
  • Charles Gunn: Was raised to fight vampires at a very young age and use to led a street gang of trained vampire hunters.
  • Connor: A Half-Demon and super-powered child of two vampires. He was trained by Holtz from a young age in a hell dimension, making him a formible opponent to many vampires and demons alike.
  • Robin Wood: The son of Slayer Nikki Wood. While he possesses no supernatural abilities of his own, he was trained to fight vampires from a young age.
  • The Initiative members: Soldiers of the Initiative are trained in the capture and execution of vampires and demons using military procedures and highly-advanced weaponry. While possessing no powers of their own, Maggie Walsh administered them with special drugs to enhance their physical attributes.

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  • Watchers were trained to fight vampires as standard practise, but do not normally hunt vampires themselves.